Patch 2.0 Release Date

Date: September 29th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Tru Blu has set a release date for the upcoming Rugby Challenge patch. Gamers will be able to download and install this to their consoles from October 7. We recommend that all current stock for NZ, Australia, and South Africa be patched, but future stock, including that coming to most other territories a week later, will have the update included on the retail disc. For details of what is included in the patch please click here.


  1. jebbrown says:

    im just wondering what if you bought the game in austrailia and play it in another region? cheers :)

  2. USA_RUGGER says:

    if i have “Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge” , can i play someone who has “All Blacks Rugby Challenge?

  3. david brown says:

    when is the game relesed in the uk ? and is defo date ?

  4. Jones says:

    Is golden point going to be introduced?

    Is man of the match going to be introduced?

  5. Mat says:

    if we live in the US can we order the game from Australia online?

  6. Deano says:

    is there any chance that the game would be released earlier in the uk? just wondering coz of the early releases in aus nz and singapore

  7. milla says:

    Mat: Not if you order from Australia now, no.

    Deano: That would be a question for the distributor, Alternative Software. Check the Contact page of this site for their details.

  8. Mat says:

    but the update would be on the disc if i order it after the 7th of oct.? If not i can just update it on the 7th if i order it before the 7th, right?

    • milla says:

      As mentioned, it depends on where you order it from, and when. Right now, if you order from The UK or Europe the patch will be on the disc, and if you order from NZ, Australia, or South Africa it won’t and a download will be required. The patch will be available to you one way or the other.

  9. Jon says:

    If I buy the xbox version of the game from the UK, will it work on Canadian/American systems? Cheers.

  10. Christian says:

    So Rugby Challenge is coming out in NA/Canada in a week? Or is it just being shipped?

  11. David brown says:

    Can u change players around in international ? And playing strips ?

  12. Christian says:

    But you just said it’s coming out in North America in just over a week…

    • milla says:

      The 2.0 console patch is coming out globally in the next day. The game is coming out in the UK, Europe and other territories on console in just over a week, with the patch included on the disk, but not in the US and Canada. It is coming out on Steam in just over a week, everywhere. The North American Xbox 360 release has not been set. That is for Mad Catz to decide in conjuntion with Tru Blue. Once the North American release on 360 is set we will announce it.

  13. Ryan says:

    So its, almost 4pm on the 7th in NZ, are you guys still going to release the patch?

  14. David brown says:

    So it should be on shelf to buy a week today in uk ?

  15. ANDER says:

    hello, i am a french guy and i bought rugby challenge today, the patch is directly in my disc, am i right? are there any chance to do an update about the changing of players in club for this new season?

  16. Ander SUBIRON says:

    hello, i am a french guy and i bought rugby challenge today, the patch is directly in my disc, am i right? are there any chance to do an update about the changing of players in club for this new season? thank you.

    • milla says:

      If you buy Rugby Challenge in France the patch is on the disc. If you imported the game from the Southern Hemisphere then you will need to log into PSN and run the game to download it. New content is not included.

  17. Christian says:

    You kept talking about the 360 version, what about the PS3 version?

    • milla says:

      Thus far we’ve had no word that a NA distributor has been found for the PS3 version, so at this stage you will need to import it. Rugby Challenge is region-free though, so you will have no trouble playing it.

  18. Bazz says:

    There still needs some fixes like foward passes not being seen and stopped and other glithces ! :O

  19. StevieE says:

    The game is out in France, just played it…WOW!

    The patch is integrated in the game already, I confirm no need to log on to PSN.

    Great job!
    Will now sell RWC 2011 :)

  20. douge says:

    in the next patch will there be things like offside, handling in the ruck because apart from high tackles there is no other way of getting penalties and some teams (Scotland) basically live of penalties so could you put some more penalty offences in the next patch?

  21. David brown says:

    Good question dougie !!

  22. David brown says:

    Is there a way where you can buy or swap players with other clubs such as the nothern sides buying players from the southern? And with the new patch is more licences been released for international teams ?

  23. Matty Robbo says:

    This game is a piece of crap-the patch fixes nothing. Still penalised for kicking out on the full behind the 22; ridiculous offloads no matter where the slider is for offload frequency and success; its buggy, glitchy and i sold it as a used game to get some money back and gladly brought Rugby World Cup 2011. Just like your AFL and League games you have failed yet again. What a piece of crap.

    • milla says:

      I’m sorry to hear that Rugby Challenge wasn’t for you, but I’m glad you found another game you like.

      We haven’t made any AFL games.

  24. Gerard Hogan says:

    Hey Milla,
    Has patch 2.0 been released yet? Also I brought the game in Australia on the 10th of October and had to update the game before playing it. Would that have only updated the game to the first patch or also incorporated the patch 2.0 on ps3 thanks.

    • milla says:

      Yes, the patch was released October 7, so the updates made on October 10 would include the patch. You will be able to confirm this by looking for the global sliders available under ‘Help and Options’ -> ‘Gameplay’. These are not present in earlier versions.

  25. Faireez says:

    While i clear the ball from outside 22… Land in and then went out… Why the lineout was awarded at my kicking position???? I didnt kick it directly into touch… I downloaded the patch but it doesnt fix anything…. Plzzzz…. I really luv this game…

  26. Dave says:

    Got the game last night in the UK – worth the wait…..though as a play of other rugby games in the past think their are a couple of things that would be great to add to this game. Some of these may prove to be wrong as may need to play game more:-

    1. being able to put the ball down in your own goal area when opposition punt the ball over you try line, rather than being forced to kick/pass!
    2. being able to dive over the try line when you are within a certain distance.
    3.pick up at the back of the scrum as number 8.
    4. being able to pass short to forwards to gain pressure by going through the phases.

    Sure these will have been already suggested but think it would be great if these appear in this game!

    Cheers good start for will hopefully grow into a successful brand!

  27. Ander says:

    Thanks MILLA for your informations!!!!! Best game of rugby yet!!!! it would be good if you do a game like that every 2 two years by improving all the negative little points which are in Rugby challenge to finally develop the rugby on console and so reach a game as fifa 12 but for rugby. What would be good for all the fans of rugby in the world, it would be to take this game as model and to fill all the small problems that there are in rugby challenge by adding into it new ideas of developers or that will propose all those who bought it.

  28. Chris says:

    So does the patch automatically ask to be installed when you open game and are online?Or do I need to go and download it from some option?

    • milla says:

      If you have the NZ, Australian, or South African version it will prompt you to download the patch automatically when you have logged your console into the gaming network. The PC and Northern Hemisphere editions already have the patch included.

  29. faireez says:

    All blacks new jersey with white collar plz?????

  30. tony green says:

    When will steam release the PC version?

  31. tony green says:

    Okay then tell me how to buy it in the UK on steam. All they are selling is PS3 and xbox3

  32. tony green says:

    C’mon Milla, you’ve had plenty of time for an answer

  33. tony green says:

    I cant be bothered waiting anymore, if you want to sell to me please email me

  34. David says:

    Is there a way to download the patch for xbox 360 without xbox live as I do not have it? cheers

  35. alex says:

    HI All,

    Please could any body help. I`m from europe and I recive my game couple days ago. Everything is ok but I was thinking that these patch will be already included with european version but main looks like it`s not incl. I wrote on that forum that version from AUS/NZ/SA need to be dowloaded. Please I don`t know how to do it … The game is perfect but all those teams are not real names :( and would like to patch taht game to have a better gamplay :)
    could any one send me a link with download and how to upgrade this …. it`s for PS3

    Thanks toyou all for assistance – specialy MILLA – he`s on the case:)

  36. ryan singh says:

    hi i have the rugby challenge which i bought from amazon in the uk but i do not have the patch on it so i need to download it on my ps3 can you walk it through for me please

  37. ryan singh says:

    hi i have bought the rugby challenge game from the website amazon in the uk but the problem im having is that i dont have the patch on it so can you please walk it through with me to download the patch plz repond quickly

  38. alex says:

    HI Milla,

    Could you help me with game. O got my game as a gift couple day ago and it`s not pach incl. I`m from Poland and game was brought here on one of the internets game shop. Please let me know where is the proble. Where i could update and how:)
    Thanks for your help…. I realy would like to play with real teams … :) thaks in advance

    • milla says:

      I think you’ll find that, unless your game is the Southern Hemisphere release, the patch is included. The best way to check is to see if the gameplay sliders exist under ‘Help & Options’.

  39. ryan singh says:

    im still waiting for an answer

    • milla says:

      Ryan, posting a question once will get a response, if one is available. I have not had a chance to update here until today. I have now answered your question.

  40. Alex says:

    Hi Milla,

    I don`t have it :( … could you let me know how to install that patch .. thanks :)

  41. alex says:

    HI Milla,

    Those game was a gift and it was order at one of internet shop … so i don`t have any information… but anyway is there a chance to patch that game?

  42. Mat says:

    C’mon! Kicking FG’s, line-outs, Scrums & rucks has to be easier for the offensive side. The turn overs are insane.

  43. Fred says:

    Even after you have installed the patch, you cannot win the Super 15 with the Lions or the Tri Nations with the Springboks, haven’t tried other SA teams yet.
    Really hope they are looking into it… This glitch is really spoiling a great game.

  44. Freddie says:

    One cannot win the super rugby competition playing with Johannesburg (Lions). Will a patch be coming out to fix this?

  45. John says:

    Hey Milla,

    I am from Australia, I bought rugby challenge on PS3 a few days ago and was just wondering how would I get and install the patch updates of 2.0 onto the game?

  46. Louis says:

    Milla can you please tell me how to update team rosters?

  47. jamie says:

    Is there a patch coming for online play that allows you to create a tournament or league with more then 2 people participating

  48. mike says:

    Milla. It’s there going to be another patch in the future to fix some bugs?


    1. Create a button for touchdown in my own ingoal. rather than being forced to kick/pass!

    2. being able to dive over the try line when you are within a certain distance.

    3.pick up at the back of the scrum as number 8.

    4. create SET PLAYS !!!

    Thanx. The game is awesome

  49. David says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just wanted to say the game is awesome, just on my PC version you can hear the crowd and hear the commentators commenet on how many people are in the stadium, its just I can’t see them.
    Do you know when a new patch will be coming out to fix this?
    Keep the great work up!!!!

    • milla says:

      It sounds as though the game is configured for a low-end machine. The crowd is turned off to ensure performance is sufficient to play. You can try changing this in the settings editor.

  50. Fraser says:

    hi there online does not work on pc can you tell me how to add freinds so i can play online thanks grate game

  51. Marco says:

    Where i can download update 2.0 ?? [PC version]

  52. JACKSON says:

    Hi help please every time i finish or exit a game in career mode the game crashes and says Save crash to C:/programfiles/sidhe/rugbychallenge sif.00x
    help me please!!!!!!!!!

  53. ikutez says:

    where can i download the patch for my pc? *uregently*

  54. Coenraad says:

    Since I installed the game through my steam account, I never received an automatic notification on the patch for rugby challenge, and if I look through the list of all the things the patch should fix I defnitely think I do not have it. My biggest concern is the team player names, outfits and logo’s. Just want to get that fixed quickly please.

    • milla says:

      What about the team and player assets makes you think you don’t have the patch installed? Feel free to email us at support at about this if you prefer :)

  55. George says:

    how do we get the new jerseys?

  56. Fijimafia says:

    Hi milla, just ordered Jonah lomu rugby today for ps3 in Sam Francisco I’m sure it will work here right? Since its region free? Also do you know if they’ll have 7′s on it sometime soon since Fiji sucks in 15′s haha? This 2.0 update is not needed for my region in california right? Vinaka

    • milla says:

      Absolutely. Rugby Challenge is region-free.

      There are no plans to add more content to Rugby Challenge, and the Sevens code would require substantial licensing, code change, and work for our art team. There is no budget for further additions like this.

      It does depend on where you ordered your copy from, but odds are that you have the second released of Rugby Challenge with the update included at this date.

  57. wananga kingi says:

    how do you download the update to your xbox 360?

    • milla says:

      Any copy of Rugby Challenge for Xbox 360 purchased recently should not need patching. Which country did you buy it in, and when?

  58. wananga kingi says:

    in new zealand about july 17

  59. wananga kingi says:

    july 17 2012

  60. Alex says:

    I love the graphics and REALLY enjoy the offloading aspect as it allows for some very spontaneous, creative play…also, the motion capture is awesome and looks really realistic and quite varied. I love the tries and passing.
    Though, as a rugby player I have some constructive feedback that will make the game more enjoyable for myself and other rugby players who will no doubt get frustrated by things which are lacking:

    •You can’t press score until you are over the line, making situations in which you could dive for the line and score impossible.

    •There is no number eight pick up or back row moves off the back of the scrummage (could be integrated with the scrum half picking and going which is already possible).

    •There isn’t a quick line out option.

    •Optionally popping/passing to either specifically forwards or the fly half off the rucks should be facilitated.

    •The games has no moves for the backs to run, it’s too off the cuff.

    •Their is no defensive organisation

    •If a defending player arrives at a tackle/ruck first they should have the chance to make a turnover either automatically or with a button.

    •The tackles that turn into mauls take too long, any good player would assist their team-mate in the tackle and get the player to ground.

    •The forwards can’t team up and pick and drive out of the back off rucks together or off the ruck from a pass wider out.

    •The fullback AI is not quite right, often, the ball gets kicked and the fullback is nowhere near.

    •Some players who have no business being where they are on the field seems to happen often, the back line is rarely 10-12-13 – 14/11 but a mess of random players with no option to run different lines/moves etc and the ball doesn’t go 9 to 10 each ruck even after a few picks from the forwards to free the backs up to get in position.

    •There seems to be a glitch kicking out from inside the 22. Tells you every time you took the ball back in.

    Overall, an encouraging, fun release, but if these issues were worked out, rugby fans/players would ADORE the game rather than just enjoy it.

    (XBOX 360 Version with updates downloaded)

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