Further Release Dates Announced

Date: September 21st 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Tru Blu has updated the Rugby Challenge Official Game page on Facebook with a release date for Europe, the UK, and all other territories apart from North America:

ANNOUNCEMENT: Tru Blu Entertainment wishes to announce the release date for Europe, U.K. and the rest of the world (excluding U.S./Canada). The release date for Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 is the 14th October 2011. Thank you for being so patient and I hope you enjoy the game. Further announcements will be made outlining details. Sebastian Giompaolo, MD


  1. JT says:

    When is it coming to US? I’ve been waiting years for a Rugby game for PS3!

    • MURFCprop says:

      well, I’m about to buy it from australia…the game has no region restrictions so it’ll run on our systems. Problem is video games are ungodly expensive over there.

  2. dd says:

    Patient?!? It’s amazing the difference between the release in NZ and Europe. We need more than only patience to wait this game. Moreover there is no trial version.

  3. fisz says:

    szkoda ale dopracujcie do perfekcji

  4. Santico says:

    What a complete joke! Would love to know the reasons for this! Never seen a company so bad at public relations…

  5. Josh says:

    Are You Sure Now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    3rd Time Lucky HAY

    SHOCKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Docnx says:

    well at least we´ve got a date..

  7. James says:

    Yes!!!!! Only 23 days to wait!!!!!

  8. Dave morgan says:

    Does this game actually exist? Its gone from late August to September then October 7th and now October 14th….

    c’mon guys, print a few copies and get it going!

  9. OL says:

    Please could you tell me why its taking 2 months longer in England for the game to come out than in new Zealand seems a bit unfair

  10. Joe says:

    My Birthday :D

  11. moe says:

    Why excluding Canada is it hard to distribute some to canada too, could you at least let us know when we will be getting it here

    • milla says:

      Mad Catz have distribution for North America, including Canada. You will need to contact them or watch this site for updates regarding release dates there. Their contact information is on the Contact page.

  12. Jason says:

    Please, PLEASE distribute this on PS3 in North America (Canada specifically).

    Potentially the easiest way for you to do this is to put it on the Playstation Store so that all of us can enjoy this superior rugby game and not have to settle with playing the inferior RWC demo for the millionth time.

    However it happens, please make it happen. I beg of you!

  13. Jeremy Corbally-Hammond says:

    So you need a US vendor – you could at least offer it for sale online, right?

  14. Petit says:

    why it’s so late ?? i don’t understand , the game it’s distribuet in NZ and australia. What the problem ? Now you can download patch with the new next gen. Sorry i’m french and i don’t speak very well english ^^”

  15. johnny says:

    dude did u not just read it??? anyways this is too long. I went and bought RWC but it sucks so i guess im just going to have to wait…

  16. Dai says:

    Yeah, a US release date would be nice. Played RWC and it was average. This looks far better. I’ll take it on XBOX360 tho. ;)

  17. Lloyd says:

    At last – can’t wait!

  18. cash says:

    i hope the game loses sales for how late this is, its a poor show, nearly 2 months after you looked after your home nations with a release date..

  19. Ryan says:

    Is there release date for the PC version in NZ yet?

  20. Jacopo says:

    The only reason I see for such a gap in the release in EU is distribution agreements or similar. Otherwise, I really do not understand!!! Can the Company give us a serious explanation on why such a delay?

    More, they lost a lot of market vs RWC2011 (even if it sucks).

  21. sharky195 says:

    relax the game is worth the wait having said that i live in the uk and ordered a version from nz about 4 weeks back and love it bring on version 2 next year

  22. Juani says:

    hi, what is the difference between rugby challenge Australia, Rugby Challenge New Zealand and Rugby Challenge Jonah Lomu?

  23. mark says:

    why so late for Europe? is too long!!

  24. Vigorex says:

    Marketing team and community manager should be fired. You guys are amazingly bad… Seriously. Coming out 2 weeks after FIFA 12 (much more played, even by rugby fans) and the same day as Forza 4 (14th). You were the only “good” new game of September. It was the beginning of the RWC. Seriously… This is “amateur” work.

  25. RMB says:

    Are the UK RRPs set yet?

  26. RichieCSWolf says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait for it, hopefully it will be worth the loooong wait.

  27. Rich Leigh says:

    The release schedules aren’t the responsibility of the marketing nor community team, but working in PR, I feel that the communication of the delays could have been friendlier, more understanding and more apologetic.

    I tweeted about the delays – as have a number of people I’ve seen – and was met with a fairly terse response, which I can understand given the number of people complaining, but it could easily cost sales considering the available alternatives (WRC/FIFA 12 etc).

    Given that the UK is very probably one of the biggest markets to sell the game in to, a well-crafted response to obviously interested gamers would ensure sales, as opposed to potentially putting buyers off with the actual responses, which have been factual but seemingly irritatedly written.

  28. Andy says:

    Be fair, I know its a long wait and I’m just as frustrated as anyone else having to wait, but at least they are including the patch in the game disc for the northern hem distribution, so well done to them for that (which is a lot more than can be said for Codemasters and their F1 efforts)

    i cant wait to play this game, 14th October cant come soon enough! good stuff guys

  29. Scotty says:

    Are you having a laugh?
    This is the worst game release time I have ever come across. UK gets it weeks and weeks and weeks after it is available in NZ and AU.

    And not “Great” timing, releasing the game when the world cup is almost over?

    I am so fed up waiting for the game and reading comments of incorrect stats and player info, instead of buying it I will now just watch replays of all the matches instead. Worst PR ever from these guys.

    And STEAM states “available Spept 2011″. You guys must be playing practical jokes!!!

  30. richard says:

    14th of October = epic fail. Really wish I hadn’t traded in RWC to wait for title. You have lost my business as I’m going to repurchase RWC just so I have a game to go alongside the tournament. Angers me that the tri nations got this for the start of the tournament especially since you seemingly have the better Fuller game.

  31. paul says:

    man this game looks really sweet. i just wish it was available in the US or is going to be available in the US. everyone knows rugby isn’t that big here so thats why it goes to all the other rugby dominated nations first but geez…..we want some of that action as well. RWC’11 is garbage and you’re pretty much playing the ipod version on your tv…..just let me know if this game is going to come to the US at all PLEASE?!?!?!?!

  32. Owen says:

    why is there no specific release date on Steam? it just says ‘Available: October, 2011′???

  33. hdk says:

    it’s all been a cunning ploy to let the Sanzar gamers have weeeeks of practise advantage and thus dominate the 6N ganers online… for a while.

  34. Mat says:

    Look, y’all are are making the people in U.S. wait way too long!

  35. Howie Roberts says:

    Quit complaining people, i’ve never seen so many whingers in all my life.

    Its a rugby game – and one that looks, to all intents and purposes – to be damned good and worthy of the wait, and one that only 18 months ago we would have not dared dream about.

    Saying you won’t buy it because its late, good god, grow up. Makes us all sound like spoilt children. How about some patience. So what if its late, ITS A VIDEO GAME. Life goes on, quit throwing your toys out of the pram.

    Personally, cannae wait but more than willing to.

  36. Mat says:

    Wow, the sense of entitlement in these comments is astonishing.

    For the first time possibly ever a game is released first in NZ/Aus and the rest of the world has to wait a little bit, and you all have a massive teary.

    There was a time when most games would take months to get to our shores. And back then we didn’t have the luxury of simply skipping the wait and ordering it from the UK.

    Not to mention there are some XBOX360 games that don’t even make it out of the US that I can’t play due to the region lockout.

    The fact that people are threatening a boycott beggars belief. Do you want quality Rugby games or not?

  37. Tim says:

    That is so true Tim. Finally someone with some sense.

  38. Howie Roberts says:

    Gents, the only way we’ll get further, improved iterations of this game is to fully support it!

    RWC has too much of the EA Sports syndrome – no improvements, same old product year in, year out – to my mind, such is the similarity between 2011 and the PS2 2008 game. Hence the real opportunity for an independent studio to make a mark.

    Granted, this years servings may well fall short in certain aspects – delivery, etc – but they’ve already shown with the depth of their patch that they are making serious inroads already.

    Quite frankly, im just looking forward to nailing Wilko’s kicks properly…

  39. Ryan says:

    Why are distributors in the UK saying the release is October 7th when you say it’s coming out on the 14th?

    • milla says:

      Sidhe has received no notice of a change to the release date. Have you asked the distributors? They’d be in a better position to help you with this question.

  40. Paul says:

    i just want to know IF and when will it be available in the US. not complaining nor am i whining. seeing as to how i might have a season ending rugby injury i would like a quality rugby game to keep me occupied. IF it does make it to the US then God is good, if it doesn’t then that sucks monkey balls and life still goes on…..i just want an answer

  41. Sam says:

    oct 14th for certain? a local store says they will have it on fri 7th to buy and they have had 7th for the release date for weeks. either way i cant wait to play this game. going to be the game of the year.

  42. poopshooter says:

    this is just silly. can’t someone come up with a north american release date? what is the problem. does anybody know anything at this company? do you guys have any communication whatsoever with mad catz? why is no one able to give a definitive answer on this?

  43. cam says:

    for god sake put out a demo to keep us entertained whilst we wait a minellium foryou to release this(xbox 360)

  44. Brendan says:

    just heard game is not being released in europe now on the 14th is this true??

    • milla says:

      Unless you get the information from us or the distributors it’s best to take it with a grain of salt. As far as we’re aware the game is on schedule for October 14 release. Some gamers with preorders have even received their copies early, if our forums are anything to go by.

  45. Andy says:

    Sorry, but ive been to GAME and HMV in Oxford St, London UK and both of them havent got the game in today. Ive also sent out a few family members to other GAME stores in Essex and North London and NOTHING! no sight of this game anywhere.

    All the stores are saying its been put back again and have no idea when it’s supposed to be coming out.

    I think thats it for me, i’m done waiting.

  46. Brendan says:

    I got the game yesterday in gamestop its class best rugby game ever!

  47. Lander says:

    Guess no release in belgium or holland -_- guess ill have to fall back to rwc 11 =(

  48. Peter says:

    Im living in Hong Kong. I cant find any rugby challenge released on 14th Oct from any game shop. Do i need to buy the game through Ebay or Amazon Uk (out of stock and dont know when the stock become available. Or just keep waiting?

    • milla says:

      I’m not aware of the status of distribution in Hong Kong, but you can safely import Rugby Challenge, as it is region-free.

  49. Matthew says:

    So it looks like there are no plans to release it for PS3 anytime soon in the US.

  50. lai says:

    so no date for belgium ?)))

  51. KRIS says:

    Hola. Estoy impaciente y algo cansada buscando el juego para PS3. Es díficil. dicen q los distribuidores no lo tienen y no lo sirven. Que esta pasando? Cuando tendremos el placer de jugar ?

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