Rugby Challenge PS Vita – Sneak Peak

Date: January 27th 2012
Posted By: Sidhe

At a recent event held in Wellington, New Zealand, gamers got some hands-on time with Sony’s new portable gaming console. They also had a sneak peak at Rugby Challenge for PS Vita, amongst other titles. You can read more here.


  1. jdsports says:

    I have bought this game and was very good, but lacked in career mode extremely and in licences. If you want to get more customers you would need to improve those two, maybe in a online update, if possible. because right now I’m about to give up with this game.

  2. jdsports says:

    thats on ps3 and xbox 360

  3. Lincoln says:

    Please, please, please tell me that a Rugby Challenge 2 is under production? please tell me there will be major tweaks ie: Back-Line setplays, scrum setplays, more realistic try-scoring (not the dumb swimming motion seen in some tries scored) addition of the ‘Instant Replay’ and save replay, the license to the S.African teams and national teams other than the All Black,s Wallabies & US teams, maybe have the IRB Sevens Circuit, more depth in ‘Create A Team’ more depth in Career Mode, it just repeats the same schedule, maybe add the media repsonse like the EA FIFA games do in its career mode, and please allow decent accuracy in conversions and pentaly kicks and line out throws even when level difficutly is set on ‘Pro’ … please allow quick lineout out throws. Please also allow try-saving tackles in the in-goal area. Please also allow less rediculous offloads when playing against Compter and please get rid of the one-on-one struggle,rcuk play, it’s unrealistic to watch two guys struggle in a ruckish/maul type where we’re pressing the ‘A’ button whilst the two teams stand by watching before being commited to the tackle. The graphics ar dynamite and look more realistic than any Madden game I’ve played. And please, please, please get rid of the robotic commentary thats sounds so scripted. Take a leaf from the Madden & NBA 2k series where the commentators talk stats or about the team and it’s strengths or wot ever, just make it sound like it’s more real rather than pre-determined and rehearsed.
    Otherwise, I have to say in all the time EA Sports had Rugby, none of their Rugby creations comes even close to what you guys achieved on your first shot. I love you guys. Please hit me up on whether there is a Rugby Challenge 2.
    Thank You so much for fulfillg my dreams in making the best Rugby game to date.

  4. dixon says:

    i agree with lincoln please tell there is a rugby challenge 2 with more realistic gamplay for example more free flowing attacking play like being able to break through gaps and go around the outside and definately more licences this game is great but i am hoping for a number 2

  5. dixon says:

    in addition to my last comment i think offloads,linouts,scrums and rucks need to be looked at on the new game (if there is one) for example there are way to many turnovers in ruck there is no chance of playing a forwards game or winning the ball back when you make a break. i think the linouts are really good on this game, the way you can movve the pods and things but i stull think it needs the catch and drive option as most set plays in professional rugby come from either scrums or linouts. i think is scrums there needs to be the number 8 pick option as 90% of the time in real rugby the 8 picks from the scrum. Offloads need to become harder and less frequent. Finally when creating a player you are unable to give them any attributes that will help a forward e.g. scrummagin, hooking, throwing, lifting, rucking…. i think this should be adressed. thanks for looking at this sidhe and you have made a great game and i cant wait to hear if you making a number 2 as i will definately be a buyer!!

  6. Atanasio says:

    interceptions would be great for the new rugby challenge game…


  7. Julian says:

    good morning, my question is whether it will have the license for Argentina playstation 3 because several of us want it! hopefully they can improve on that Julian greetings

    • milla says:

      Tru Blu did not get the Argentina licence for Rugby Challenge, so the side representing that nation is made up.

  8. Johnny says:

    Despite the whining of others in the forums and here I’m super keen for the Vita version… Over two months now since the sneak peek… How small was that peek? We’re you showing off code??!!

  9. Fraser says:

    hi there can you tell me how to add freinds because my online is not working.

  10. Fraser says:

    i have a pc rugby challenge game

  11. Nathan Manning says:

    I would love to see a second version of challenge rugby. It’s the best rugby game out and the potential for it to be as good as the FIFA and call of duty games is there for the taking. Small licensing issues like northern hemisphere sides and s.a maybe include more leagues such as the championship and national 1 and 2 into the game and in wales include the principality and swalec league 1. Career modes would mean something. You could tak a low end club and transform them into a full professional outfit.lineouts need more work the hole lineing the marker up is silly. Kicking could also be improved and I’m sure the rules of the game are wrong. When the ball is kicked dead the opposition team gets a 22drop out. Surely its a scrum back from where it was kicked. Also the kicking out of hand. Do away with the delayed kick and just press x and use a power bar. Licensed stadiums, licensed leagues,licensed players. You need to invest money to make money. That is key to this being successful. There’s no other rival to this so keep it that way by making a new game the best yet.

  12. Tomis says:

    I loved the graphics and the gameplay in rugby challenge but I was disappointed by the lack of licensing for national sides which is the most important aspect of a rugby game. Rugby challenge 2 should have Wales, Ireland, south Africa, England, scotland. Argentina, France, Italy and the pacific island teams because I wouldn’t pay 40 pound again if they don’t

  13. ASH says:

    Whens more news coming on the ps vita version?

  14. Marcus says:

    I’ve been hanging out for the release date since feb and now it’s may. You have lost a big fan here Sidhe. Why can’t you be like EA sports and give us a release date instead of saying “no release date has been set”. A little bit of info will go a long way!!

  15. Didi63 says:

    Is there a release date for the vita version of Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge ?
    Thank you for your answer !

  16. andrew says:

    the line outs need a short and a quick option and scoring while being held at the ankles should be a lot easier and allow you to just drop and score the try

  17. dixon says:

    Sidhe will there be a Rugby Challenge 2??

  18. HILL says:

    I think they should mainly work on the rucks so that they don’t look like scrums. It would be cool if there were some forwards on the side of the ruck to protect the halfback like they do in real life so that all of your forwards aren’t binded in the ruck. Also make the scrums so that they are more closely contested and they aren’t rolling for 10 or so metres. Oh and also change the offloading that makes everyone look like sonny bill. All in all this is a mean game and well done! Stink how that dumb world cup game took all the licensing for intl. teams :(

  19. LeinsterFan says:

    Hey Sidhe, thanks for reading this…..paragraph short here, bring out rugby challenge 2!! It really is such an amazing game, quite inspiring too, but seriously, putting the stupid cpu offloads aside, it’s such an amazing game!! I’m just going to repeat what others have said here, and a little bit of my own. Great work on the teams that you got the license’s for, amazing work put into the kit’s of all blacks, wallabies and premiership teams……but would be so nice for the licenses too get for most of the teams, like South Africa and Argentina, Wales or even just an update for rugby challenge….new kit for the premiership teams e.g Leinster and Leicester kit change. Also……the rucking, tackling and scrums need to be revamped…but, great and impressive job what you have done guys, thanks so much!! Also I noticed a really great idea on the rugby challenge 2 forum, like a training mode to build your custom team/player (player that you soley control rather than the whole team) could do lineout practice etc. to build up that skill, and a reallly cool idea is hitting the gym, weights, cardio work….just a suggestion but would be super cool. Plus, when selecting team and stadium, possibly pick the ball e.g different colours for the Gilbert ball….thanks for getting the gilbert license, but making the masts on the uprights have a legit sponser e.g addidas. But seriously love the player customisation and team option great work on the whole, but please take into account improvements given by others and myself :D Lots on peopple intrested in the 1st one, and loads more for the 2nd so come on sidhe, drive your game makers to create rugby challenge 2! Thank you so much for taking this into account and also producing such a good game for the 1st!! Thanks guys and looking forward to the 2nd

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