Pre-order Discount on Steam

Date: October 5th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Rugby Challenge is now available for pre-order in the Steam store at a 20 % discount. This offer is only available on pre-order purchases, so place your order in the next nine days to take advantage of the price cut. You can find the Steam store page for Rugby Challenge here.


  1. Erik says:

    Can’t wait to start modding the heck out of this game.

  2. Mark654321 says:

    yeah should be fun can’t wait

  3. USA_RUGGER says:

    does stream mean the pc version?

  4. Christian says:

    The mods will make this game better than it is, we’ll be able to have real jerseys

  5. JOSH says:

    If I buy it (on steam) to play on ps3, could this be delivered in Canada ?

  6. Daniel says:

    How can you offer it on sale through steam before we can even get it in the US for Full Price? How far behind is Madcatz? i have tried for weeks to get a Release date without a single responce. Can you please Try and get the US/Canada a release date for this on xbox and ps3….Please..Fifa will only keep me busy for so long

  7. Grafie says:

    Who distributes the game in South Africa? Would just like to contact them and find out when pc version is here…

  8. Erik says:

    Does anyone know of any website/s – current or future/potential – that will be dedicated to the uploading & downloading of mods?

    Hey Sidhe, you should have a webpage that’s dedicated to the mods for Rugby Challenge…

    • milla says:

      Users on our community forums (linked at the top of the page) have proven to be valuable modding resources with our past titles. Already the work has begun.

  9. Remy says:

    On they say it will be released on October 18th. Is it accurate?

  10. bert says:

    release this on mac

    thank you please

  11. Wolmeester says:

    Have Bought the game today on steam and told my friend to do the same, is there a change that it will be released early on steam

  12. Eoin says:

    Can you buy a boxed version of the PC edition?

  13. Wolmeester says:

    Preorderd it, is there a change of an early release on steam

  14. Portuga says:

    this steam version as the latest patch already included ?

  15. j.w.s.b says:

    are the international teams messed up because in all da vids on utube the teams are mssed up

  16. clayton says:

    why don’t show supporters in my pc version during offline game?

    • milla says:

      It sounds like the game configuration considers your computer to be in the lower specification range, and has turned off the crowd to ensure performance is good though.

  17. clayton says:

    how to make for show supporters in the game?

    • milla says:

      I take it you’re playing on a PC that is relatively low spec’? The crowd is turned off by the game if the system performance will be adversely affected by drawing it. You can enable it in the graphics settings, but you may not enjoy the performance hit.

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