North American Date Set

Date: October 9th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Mad Catz has announced that they will be releasing Rugby Challenge on Xbox 360 in North America on October 20.  North American gamers will be able to purchase the game from the GameShark store and from Amazon then, as well as from Gamestop.

You can view the announcement on the Mad Catz Facebook page, here.


  1. crazy says:

    thank you thank you. You dont realize how long i have waited for this finally.

  2. bob says:

    how about ps3?

    • milla says:

      Thus far we’ve had no word that a NA distributor has been found for the PS3 version, so at this stage you will need to import it. Rugby Challenge is region-free though, so you will have no trouble playing it.

  3. Wild Bill says:


  4. Yung Mich says:

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS thank god:) Finally can stop play rwc 11 demo :P baha

  5. Juani says:

    rugby challenge will be out in south america? where and when? thanks

  6. crazy says:

    Gamesstop says they will release this on the 12 is this true.

  7. Christian says:

    The fact that there is no NA PS3 release date is a poor showing from you guys. Why should I spend $100 to import this game now?

  8. LUCIO says:

    PLEASE do what you can to release it in the USA for PS3, my parents are going there in two weeks and that’s the only way of getting it!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Joe says:

    As an American who picked up this game for the PS3 in NZ during the RWC, I have to say that you won’t be disappointed. Hopefully there will be a patch to correct the USA roster, since pretty much all players are listed at incorrect starting and secondary positions, and there likenesses is completely wrong.

    But the game plays fantastically. The patch on 10/7 fixed some initial glitches that were no fun to play with on line, like the comp biting on every dummy, and issues with the high tackle penalty rate, and passes backward to nobody from the occasional ruck. Go buy this game!

    • milla says:

      The USA roster is as per the USARFU. We sent it back to double check and were told to run with what we had been given. There will be no updates changing this.

  10. Ramodor says:

    I hope you will release it for PS3 in Canada. I’m sure rugby fan here will be thankfull for that.

  11. dustin says:

    well no chance im getting this game, no way im spendignt that much money to import a ps3 version to the usa. Ncaa 12 football here i come. Unless youcan at least link us to a place we can get it for for ps3 in the usa

    • milla says:

      That’s a shame. There is another Rugby game out this year in the US on PSN, so you don’t have to miss out completely.

  12. Tim Thuss says:

    Sweet! Finally! I have been waiting for this game for some time, and can’t wait to play it!

  13. Joe says:

    Thanks Milla, but I strongly suggest asking for a second check of the USA roster.

    Really, if you are going to release it to this part of the world, it would be a poor reflection of the time and effort you put into the game to have literally 2/3 of the team defaulting to the wrong position. If you choose to have people not resemble themselves, then fine, but just take 5 minutes to look at the lineups for the RWC, and tell me that there is not a disconnect.

    • milla says:

      Perhaps you should take this up with USARFU. We tried, but we are not in a position to make changes to the line-up they want in the game.

  14. Kiwi In Canada says:

    I live in Canada and I’ve been eagerly awaiting Rugby Challenge’s PS3 release here. To fond out that it may not happen is incredibly dissapointing. Is it not possible to simply release the game on the NA PSN?

    Please answer Milla,

    Thank you.

  15. Chris says:

    How are the USA Eagles one of three teams that feature in game and yet no PS3 distributer? A lot of demand for the game here, but no availability – with the WC only 2 weeks before finishing, now would be the biggest selling opportunity!

    • milla says:

      Yes, Tru Blu seem to have come up against a bit of a wall where PS3 distribution in NA is concerned. You can import though. The version available in Europe this week will work on your PS3, as it’s region-free.

  16. Compton says:

    What site can i go to that i can import the ps3 version from,Im in the USA, in english

    • milla says:

      Check the buy page linked at the top of this site. Mighty Ape in NZ is one I know definitely exports. We have gamers from all over the world happy with their Mighty Ape orders.

  17. bob says:

    Is there anyway you guys could get this game on the psn store like how rwc did?

  18. Kiwi In Canada says:

    I have the same question. While I’d prefer a hard copy of the game, a digital copy is certainly better than nothing. Would it not be possible to make Rugby Challenge available for download on the N.A. PSN?

    I believe that if you want to sell the game in north America, now is the time to do it. Releasing on PS3/PSN would be very succesful, as there is rarely as much NA rugby interest as there is now during the world cup.

    Please don’t force rugby fans all over the US and Canada to import the game for PS3.


    Concerned Kiwi in Canada

  19. Chris says:

    Just pre-ordered in-store at Gamestop. Could be playing as early as 10/21 (10/24 at the latest). I plan on seeing all of you there.

  20. MARK says:

    why dont you bring it to south america? where can i buy it!

  21. Kiwi In Canada says:

    The moment a NA PS3 release date is announced, I will sprint down the street to pre-order my copy of Rugby Challenge.

    I just hope I happen to be fully clothed at the time…

  22. Brian says:

    Please set up the PS3 version to be available for download in NA! I know a ton of people who would download it on the PSN, and importing it is far too expensive.

  23. Jeff says:’s release date is November 1st. Is that accurate or has it just not been updated since MadCatz’s announcement?

    • milla says:

      Hi Jeff. We’re only aware of the announced release dates posted to this site. I would recommend contacting Mad Catz in regard to this.

  24. Malcolm Pordes says:

    How do I select my gamepad on the PC game? Don’t tell me I’m stuck with the keyboard.

    • milla says:

      The keyboard is player one. Your controller, so long as it is supported, will be player two. You can have one keyboard and three other controllers assigned. The game supports the Xbox 360 controller and has generic drivers for other standard controllers.

      • Malcolm says:

        Okay, but what are the gamepad controls? I downloaded the game from Steam and I have no manual. All I see are the keyboard assignments, How are the gamepad buttons, etc assigned?

        And how do I play the tutorial using the gamepad?

  25. Kiwi In Canada says:

    Will there be a PS3 release in Canada?

  26. Dalto says:

    Sounds great this game is still coming out for xbox atleast, although I have to ask why can’t it be released on PSN??

    Thanks and hopefully it is released soon!!

  27. AL says:

    Was just wondering why it doesnt tell you if you have had a man sent to the sin bin or sent off. I t doesnt seem to tell you, I think the commentators tell you, but they are so bad I turn them down. It would be nice if a symbol appeared by the scores so you know what was going on with sending off’s and players returning.
    Will there be a patch for this?


    every rugby fan should be able to play to this game, so please make it possible for PS3 players in north america to play to this wonderful game.

  29. gustavo says:

    Hi Milla,

    My ps3 is from USA, but I’m afraid to buy the game in Europe and he is the PAL region. I saw this game on Ebay Australia to sell and there appeared that this game was PAL, not Free Region.

    • milla says:

      The console will play it as it is region-free, i.e. there is no console lock by territory. HD gaming is unaffected by PAL and NTSC format.

  30. FB says:

    What about the PC version’s availability in North America?


  31. Juancentro says:

    Milla, what about publishing in PSN??? Lots of rugby fans in Argentina, and the easiest way for us is to buy it in the USA or download it from PSN!!!

  32. Come on says:

    Milla, you keep ignoring everyone that is asking why it isnt on PSN, yet you answer everyone elses questions. Why isnt it on PSN?? You dont need a distributor that way and we get the game. Everyone wins.

    Hope you dont ignore this one as well….

  33. Come on says:

    Milla – That’s all I ask. I thought you were holding out on us.

  34. Chris says:

    Some Gamestop locations in USA are selling RC for 360 today (10/18)! Played through a few games at lunch. If you are in America, call your local Gamestop and see if they received a few copies. They will sell it to you as this game has no official sell date.

  35. Tyler says:

    Just preorderd the game on the website. I have been looking forward for a new rugby video game for years. I have been playing PS2 Rugby 06 to fill the void for too long (still a great game though). I can’t wait to open up the game when it arrives at my apartment. Also I apparently get a Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge t-shirt for preordering it!

  36. Kiwi In Canada says:

    Please just release Rugby Challenge in North America! Surely SOMEONE can publish a PS3 version!

    At the very least, realease Rugby Challenge on the PSN in Canada so that I can give you my money and play this game.

  37. Ryan says:

    Im headed to IRELAND in Dec for vacation. Im From the states and have ps3 if i buy that in ireland and bring it home it will for sure work on my ps3? Just want to make sure.
    Thanks Milla

  38. Ian says:

    Most websites are saying November 8th as the release. Went into a GameStop today and they looked at me like I was insane (then again, I play rugby, so they’re not too far off). Amazon says 3-5 weeks, WalMart ships November 8th. I’m dying to play it, just want to know when I can expect it in a store or if it will be online only here in the US.

    • milla says:

      We can’t comment on dates given out by retailers. We have dates from the publishers and distributors, and we have posted those here.

  39. Chris says:

    Is there any chance that we can at least play a demo for PS3? Or does that fall under the fact that there is no one making a PS3 version?

  40. Sunny says:

    My local Gamestop said they weren’t getting a shipment at all, is this true? I’m in Canada.

    • milla says:

      I have no way to verify if this is true or not. Contacting Gamestop or Mad Catz would probably get you the information you’re after.

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