Tyrone’s Tips

Date: September 12th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Rugby Challenge vision-holder and guru, Tyrone, has put together a few tips to enable you to get more out of your players.


  1. Docnx says:

    it would be good , if i could play it..

  2. MichaelR says:

    I can´t wait to play this game! The Gameplay looks really good!

    I will buy the game via Steam because I think the game won´t be released in Germany stores.

  3. Grant says:

    Wikipedia has it down as 8 September 2011 release for RSA… Been waiting for it since for the PC? What’s happening!?

  4. this information would probably be useful. However I cannot yet play the game as it has not been released. That my friends is a mistake!

  5. Deano says:

    DOCNX i agree.

    This would be useful if it was released in UK. Its kind of an unfair taunt to everyone that aren’t able to play this game yet because of this staggered release strategy.

    Very mean. not impressed.

    i remember something being posted a while back along the lines of ‘it will be released when it is ready’..and how you wouldn’t want to rush it out before RWC and have it not complete and a sub-standard finish. However, it is obviously now ready as it has been out in NZ for almost 2 weeks now and still no EU/UK release. I find this frustrating.

  6. Portugal says:

    it´s strange that they don´t release the game over steam. What´s the problem ?

  7. elprofesore says:

    please release in french country !
    Now !

  8. Gillymore says:

    I can’t wait to get my mitts on this game. Great video.

  9. Jexx says:

    An answer?

  10. Sahil says:

    i just used those tips on the game very helpful

  11. sharky195 says:

    for all those waiting in the uk as i was a week ago i suggest you simply order from new zealand as i did the game arrived 4 days latter and there is no problem with region or zones

  12. Mat says:

    I need it in Germany. Please guys

  13. Liam says:

    Don’t be so eager for the release, the NZ release was a test run. Right now a patch is being created for all you guys waiting for it, so that you don’t face the issues us Kiwis did.

  14. Darren says:

    Cheers mate. Great tips, especially the passing and defence stuff

  15. Kiwikool says:

    I just got the game and it is great, a few bugs here and there but definitely a big improvement from other rugby games. I just wish that when I play away games on-line with the all blacks they don’t automatically wear their white strip and stay black.

    And I wish you could set up auto plays like sit a flat line attack or deep in the pocket etc.

    Thanks Guys!

  16. Wendall says:

    Awsome tips tyrone helped out heaps bro..Shux all the game is missing
    Is quick lineouts…other than that 10-10

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