Rugby Challenge Releases Early in NZ

Date: August 25th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Coming hot on the heels of yesterday’s initial Rugby Challenge release date announcement is the news that gamers will be able to get their hands on the game from 2 PM tomorrow in New Zealand. You can find outlets to purchase here.


  1. Ruckus says:


    Calling in sick tomorrow.

    Thank you Sidhe.

  2. lewis says:

    what about in australia

  3. DeneAlinG says:

    Hell yeah ! Wagging school tomorrow !

  4. fec says:

    any chance it will be released early in Australia

  5. Ryan says:


    I thought it was coming out 2nd of september????

  6. ALEX says:

    Damn, I wish I was in NZ right now.

  7. REG says:

    MARIO/MILLA, will it be released earlier in AUS???

  8. Sahil says:


  9. U-God says:

    Europe ? France ?

  10. JOE says:


    been waiting for this for agez

  11. SS says:

    will we be able to change logo`s of unlicensed teams, with out to much moding/hacking?

  12. jack says:

    hoping the uk and europe have the release date soon

  13. Dimar says:

    when will South Africa be released?

  14. Alex says:

    WTF! How is this fair on people in the UK! I have literally been checking this website every day for the past 3 months. Really frustrated now! Please release the game now in Europe!

  15. giulio says:

    in italy???

  16. Matthew Sankey says:

    Any Idea as to when it will be released in RSA?

  17. crash says:

    sum people say it jst reached fiji???(^^)

  18. john says:

    when is this game coming to America

  19. Joe says:

    Can people outside of NZ download a PC friendly version if we buy it?

  20. Brad Inwood says:

    Whens release date in England?

  21. TheWinger says:

    I have been lead to believe by a supplier here in NZ EB Games has said the PC format has been put on indefinite hold? Please confirm?

  22. Mark says:

    GOING TO GET MY COPY RIGHT NOW ! Goodbye Life, Hello Rugby Challenge ;D
    Sidhe you are the AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ash says:

    Just emailed HES, was told the Australian date has not been broken, no retailers have stock as HES has not received stock as yet.

  24. ALEX says:

    When is this coming to the US. Looks like there going to have a leg up on us boys.

  25. hulk says:

    this is gona eat 505 alive!!!man this has the sam quality as fifa!!!ive been so long for this to come out!!!!man this should come out in australia first!!!!.lol..shout out to the guys that put %100 into making this game come back to life!!!3years of waitin!!yeyah!!!

  26. TheWinger says:

    Still no reply from the official site regarding the retailers here in NZ claiming the PC version ahs been delayed “indeifinitely.”
    Gonna lose a lot of busines sover this shortly

    • milla says:

      Can you please tell us where you were told this? Was it in a particular store, or did you phone EB Games at their 0800 number?

  27. TheWinger says:

    Sure Mila. I was told by EB games via skype call which I listened into a friend speaking to EB games in Wellington.
    H ethen also spoke to someone in Australia at HES? is it? Where they told him there would also be a delay because “they hadn’t finished testing the pc version on the various sound cards etc.” They claimed a release date now for PC of september 30.
    The seller I have ordered through, JB HiFi New Zealand has still not got back to me as to whether they can supply me with the pc version.
    Frankly this is not good enough. You have been advertising , and continue to advertise that all there formats would be available.
    In good faith I ordered a pc version on the 4th of August. Now I am hearing it cna not be supplied?
    This is poor form.

    • milla says:

      Thanks for that information.

      It would seem that something has raised expectations in you contrary to our expected release window, as announced in November.

  28. Scott says:

    Hi, I pre-ordered Jonah Lomu challenge for NZ$75 from which is a UK based store. Just wondering when the UK release date for the Xbox version is?

  29. GBZN says:

    Please can someone just let us know what is happening around the pc version? wehn is it being released?

  30. GBZN says:

    “It would seem that something has raised expectations in you contrary to our expected release window, as announced in November”

    Can you not rather post a reply with the correct information regarding the pc version, as that would actually be usefull,

    • milla says:

      I don’t have new information about the PC release. The expectation is still that it will be before the end of the third quarter.

  31. WelshJon says:

    Anyone actually got this yet? If so how is it?

  32. laurent says:

    hey guys, just checked the european release dates:
    UK 09/09 and France 11/09…..not too long to wiat for anymore…cool

  33. A.J says:

    The game is gangster, is there gonna be downloadable contants like old school players, classic games, set moves now that wil be off the hook, like black ops when you buy map packs but this will be like rugby packs say the 95 World cup team, 2 classic games and 3 set moves, shit ill buy that right now lol

  34. Nick Gaskell says:

    so what about europe its quite frustrating being left behind

  35. ignacio gay says:

    when will be released in Argentina?

  36. Ryan says:

    Careful when buying this game. You can’t win the Ranfurly shield because you cant challenge for it, because the season are the same! even in career! the same fixtures in the same places! Jesus christ! how did you guys screw this up?

  37. TheWinger says:

    We were told by the distributor when we rang them in Australia on Friday the PC game is to be released 30th September. You now tell us November? If this is so why then does 1: The distributor not know this & 2: why has all the advertising had all three formats PC., Xbox & PS on it from day one for the same release date?

  38. WelshJon says:

    Yeah, dlc would be cool. I’m hoping for some lions tours, or classic barbarians.

  39. RugbyMad says:

    Ha Rugby World Cup 2011 got a 4.5 and a 5.0 on gamespot and IGN fail

  40. Joe says:

    Head on over to the forums to learn more about the game from people in NZ who are playing it.
    From what I understand there is a substantial So. hemisphere bias on the players to the point where just about every team in the Super 14 would win the HC.

  41. dthnmdthmdt says:

    Why isnt the PC version ready? Get back to work we need this game on PC now!!!!

  42. dthnmdthmdt says:

    Where is the PC version!!!!!!!! I went to EB Games DSE and the warehouse all only had xbox and PS3 where is PC!!!!!

  43. Pete says:

    Any word on a release date in the USA????

  44. hansihans says:

    release date for europe pleeease! (germany)

  45. ALEX says:

    This waiting is bullshit . . . .

  46. TheWinger says:

    Um you told us November! I was told by the distributor in Australia September 30th!

    • milla says:

      No, we told you *in* November. We announced the game in November 2010, stating release would be Q3 2011, which ends on September 30.

  47. Christian says:

    MILLA can you please let us know what the chances are of the game being released early in Australia like what happened in New Zealand…


    • milla says:

      Distribution isn’t our area. Tru Blu is looking after that in Australia (see the contact page of this site). Discussion on our forums is rife with rumour of early release though. You might want to check it out. The link is at the top of the page.

  48. TheWinger says:

    Oh oaky. Now I understand what you’re saying. Unfortunately it seems your local distirbutors have dropped the ball by advertising all three formats for release at the same time!

  49. sombu says:

    @MILLA: when can you tell us the release date for europe?? not only in NZ and AUS there are people who love rugby and are waiting for this game.

  50. Connor says:

    I think you guys really missed a trick here messing around with the release dates. The game should have come out on all consoles, in europe/nz/aus on the same date. If it wasnt for the RWC game being so awful I would have definitely got pissed off with this a long time ago and bought that.

  51. BRYAN says:


  52. rugbychallenge fan says:

    so is it out in australia?

  53. jonah lomu says:

    how come the rugby challange walladies is the only package displayed for the preorder in australia????…i want the jonah lomu one to be released to.

  54. Dom says:

    I have been playing the game since Friday 26 August and have loved it. The graphics are amazing. Comparable to FIFA 10!!!!! But . . . you can only save ONE career and ONE competition at a time. So you can’t have super 15, world cup and tri nations saved at the same time. Only 1 or the other :(

  55. Dimar says:

    MILLA, can you confirm this. I c on facebook that there are buggs in the game and the release date in south africa is cancel.they wana fix it??? but NZ people is saying how great the game is and theres no prob with the game???

    Whats going on?

  56. tomfooler says:

    Every rugby fan in europe is being treated like crap, having waited just as long as everyone else. We were told about a week ago that the reason there was no release date was because you wanted to make the game as good as it could be before release, but the game is clearly now finished yet we are still waiting… WHY?

  57. WelshJon says:

    Anyone know if the NZ version is region free ?

  58. Manu Samoa says:

    Don’t release the game in the UK, coz they won’t do it any justice. Kick, kick, kick, penalties, field goal….

  59. RC TOULON says:

    Hello, Anynone knows if “TOP 14 Orange” Teams are inclues in the Game Version in NZ ? Thanks friends !

  60. Dimar says:

    i c now whats happening.they want to hold it back so they can get more sales in NZ because everybody is ordering it from NZ now.And im in South Africa and we are all waiting.please just release the game milla.all the NZ people say how amazing the game is so why the wait for the SA people?

  61. kevin says:

    just been on the phone to customer services
    they have the release date as 8th sept ( i know its a holding date every1 . i’ve been reading the posts)
    they said they fully expect it to be released on this date and would be informed if the game was going to be released later than the date the have ( ie between 20th sept and 20th oct )
    basically wanted to know if this is true or was he blagging me
    should they be told?
    cheers guys any info would be welcomed

  62. Portugal says:

    Put the game over steam so we can download it

  63. Frustrated Rugby Fan says:

    Anyone know a website where I can buy the NZ version and have it delivered to the UK?

  64. Doc says:

    @Milla – I checked the Buy Now, looking for the PC version, and most of the NZ Sites all have different ETA’s, anywhere from August 26th, to 30th September… is it still being released tomorrow on PC here in NZ?

  65. GBZN says:

    There is no point in asking for release dates for pc or regions, because apparently all that they know is that they dont know when their own game will be released, so you could keep asking them when it will be released and keep getting meaningless feedback that doesnt answer the question at all (like in the forums), or we could just assume that they really dont know anything about the game that they have made, (looks like Sidhe developed a game and then just hoped that it would somehow be released by someone). . . . . . . .

    But what people can do is pre-order the game and give them some money and then hope that this someone does release it one day,

  66. TheWinger says:

    Yes and those NZ retailers list it as PC version as well! They need to sort their stuff act out because they advertised the PC version was being released the same time as th eother formats! I
    v epaid my money & I don’t have the game! What a rip off!

  67. Frustrated Rugby Fan says:

    And I can definately play the All Blacks version in the UK?

  68. LOZ says:

    Amazon UK have it in their pre release section with UK release date of 16th September.

  69. LOZ says:

    Play UK and Game UK have the release date as the 8th September in UK.

  70. Dude Love says:

    Seriously Mila if the game is exactly the same worldwide then why is there a delay in the release dates? Honestly this is a long running joke that you wouldn’t release it on the same date worldwide! You say distribution isn’t you’re area, so what? You gave all the distributers a vague idea of the game and they all came up with different games? I’d like to see what would happen if EA released FIFA 12 tomorrow and then told you NZ couldn’t have it til Christmas! Get the finger out and give us a concrete date ffs!

  71. Portugal says:

    Still waiting for a steam release date

  72. tomfooler says:

    well said @dude love

  73. manu says:

    The All Blacks Rugby Challenge game is the same as the Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge? You said you havr fixed some bugs, will those fixes appear on new produced games or will we be able to download them? If Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge changes, what different features does it has?

  74. TheWinger says:

    Milla could you pelase confirm the release date for the PC version in NZ? Jbhifi is showing 31st december & The Warehouse is showing 2nd september?
    I have na order with JB. If theya re not getting it til then I might as well cancel it!

  75. Tom says:

    It seems that some people are posting using two different names…

  76. Brad Inwood says:

    Game UK has changed their release date to 7th October? and everywhere eccept Amazon have changed it to 30th September. Amazon still have it on 16th September. So is the All Blacks Rugby Challenge available to play on XBOX 360 here in England! And can people stop treating us european fans like shit? We’re probably more loyal to our teams than you lot.

  77. rishnal says:


  78. TheWinger says:

    So, the release dates for this on PC format in NZ are listed as:

    Mighty APe: 21st October
    The Warehouse 2nd September
    JB HiFi 31st December
    EB Games 30th September;

    MILLA Which is the correct release date for this format in New Zealand so I change my suppiler & get it as early as possible!

  79. TheWinger says:

    Steam is no good for NZ. We have data caps in NZ. Why would I pay steam to download the PC version & then also waste my data to download something I should be able to buy on dvd like every other format of the game!

  80. John says:

    In NZ we also have the ability to get unlimited broadband, with no data caps.

    • TheWinger says:

      John, I have so much data for a month for the family & myself. Why should I waste a months data to download a format that should be readily available!

  81. Im better than you! says:

    so can New Zealand versions be played on XBOX in England?

  82. TheWinger says:

    Mila. Has a release date been annoucned for New Zealand for PC version?
    I have been told EB games are saying 14th October & JB Hi Fi say 31st December?

  83. Im better than you! says:

    cool sweet thanks milla :D

  84. Mon5t3r says:

    So if the NZ version works on a UK XBOX! will it work on a XBOX in Hong Kong?

    Im in NZ at the moment so would be good to get it here and then play it back home!!
    Not to be a hassle but has the date been decided? NZ + World Release!

  85. TheWinger says:

    what a joke! I turn up today to get my PC version of the game as the distributor had lead the store to believe right up until today that it was to be released on October 14th……..No game. You’re an absolute duisgrace. look if the bloody thing isn’t coming out on PC format just tell us instead of mucking us aroudn week on week. Three months now I’ve been waiting ridiculous!

  86. Mako says:

    TheWinger…how that name suits you.

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