Update Information

Date: September 26th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

Below are the notes for the upcoming Rugby Challenge patch:

o Added ‘Game Play Sliders’ to Game Play options to adjust the following:
· High Tackle Frequency
· Offload frequency (AI)
· Offload success rate
· Pass success rate
· Break tackle ability
· Tackle ability
· Attack urgency
· Defensive urgency

o Added the ability to play Online Private Matches with either Balanced Team Stats or Offline Team Stats.

o Movement restrictions for RaboDirect Pro12 and Top 14, now players can only be moved within their respective competition due to licensing restrictions.

o Xbox 360 – Improved frame rate.

o Xbox 360 – Fixed issue where 50 Online Matches Trophy were not being awarded.

o Fixed issue where if an injury occurs on a try the gamer would not be awarded a conversion attempt.

o Fixed issue where Knock-on in in-goal area caused issues with awarding a Try and awarding a penalty to the Try Scorer when advantage was being played.

o Fixed issue where attacking team gets tackled over dead ball line, results in attacking team performing drop out on the 22m line.

o Corrected text from ‘Penalty’ to ‘Option’ when lineout results in an option to the opposition.

o Fixed issue where if the gamer holds sprint during a Tutorial in the loading screen the panting SFX would continue into game.

o Fixed issue where sin bin returns where being cancelled by a new yellow card.

o Fixed issue where Yellow Card players would not return to the field under specific circumstances with ‘Time added on’ (over 40mins and over 80mins).

o Fixed issue where if more than 2 yellow card players were off field they would return to the field in the wrong order.

o Fixed issue where some gamers were not able to replace injured players.

o Fixed issue where passing to playmaker from the ruck would sometimes pass to forwards.

o Fixed issue where failed passes would sometimes be thrown at an extreme angle backwards.

o Fixed issue where the Haka would sometimes play with incorrect leader animations.

o Some player names changed for licensing reasons.

o Various other stability improvements, minor fixes, and minor tweaks.

All changes will be incorporated into the console versions released in Europe and North America, in the PC version, and will come as standard in future shipments to rest of world.


  1. Duncan Bell says:

    Will this patch fix the bug where the scrumhalf would pass to a player who is binding in a ruck, resulting in a forward pass (sooooo annoying)?

  2. Dark_Seth says:

    Hi and PS3 version?

    o Xbox 360 – Fixed issue where 50 Online Matches Trophy were not being awarded.

  3. Rich Leigh says:

    I’ve heard the no.8 can’t pick up from the scrum – will this be fixed?

  4. Nelius says:

    Hi guys thanks for doing such great work.
    I would just like to know when this patch will be available on psn.

  5. skito33 says:

    will this patch be applied to the game bought on N.Z ?

  6. Juani says:

    nice, the game will sell in Uruguay?

  7. mambo770 says:

    What Date is this patch being release on ps3 in Aust?

  8. KobusS says:


    Thanks for the game, When will this patch be available for Xbox 360 games purchased in South Africa?

  9. Nelius says:

    What would make this game allready more awesome than it is:
    -Lineout taken then you could get the option to form a ruck and immediate maul could be formed to drive
    -To have the option for the no.8 to pick up the ball from the scrum
    -Last for a tackled player going to ground then when to few defending team players arrive to slow the option to pick up the ball by the attacking team and continuing the attack

    Im just giving some ideas , I really love this game its the best rugby game to be released ever but I bet with an active community and a team like Sidhe this franchise could be the start of something HUGE!

  10. Nelius says:

    Oh yes and one last thing when a try is about to be scored, If the try scorer takes to long to score the try and being cheeky runs for the uprights the defending team should punish him by having the option to tackle the ball loose or to push or drag the player over the dead ball line?

  11. Mark says:

    75% of the time when the opposition (more so online) my defense will just slowly follow the line, and if a line break occurs, my fullback will either run in the opposite direction or will not go for the ball carrier. Will the defense urgency slider fix this?

  12. Matt says:

    Hi, I have found that in career mode that if you sign or choose a player from another club when you later play that club the play plays against themselves. example i’m using the Blues and i sign Daniel Carter the next time i play against the Crusaders he is still their flyhalf and i just find this a bit of a put off for a career mode.


  13. [...] Keep in mind there will likely be a zero-day patch if you decide to pick up the game, with developers Tru Blu Entertainment addressing early feedback. You can see a fairly extensive list of notes for the update on the official site. [...]

  14. Neeps says:

    What player names have been changed?

  15. blair miller says:

    about time there are so many annoying glitches which make this game kinda….sh*t.however glad theres something being done about it.could write down everything wrong with the game but its already being fixed.dissapointing

  16. Nick says:

    Hi, what about the Haka with no slapping SFX?

    Will fullback cutoff attacking player and actually tackle them instead of joining the case?


  17. Kaya Wardle says:

    Hey just wondering,
    Will there be another patch where you will be able to change the lineup online? (PS3) Or customise your own lineup and use it online? I NEED DAGG & JANE ON MY TEAM!

  18. Gonzalo says:

    the patch 2.0 will be in the PlayStation Store?

  19. David says:

    Will it still be possible to place players from RaboDirect Pro12 and Top 14 into international teams?

  20. Nick H says:

    Love the game just would like to know where the Patch can be found and if its for XBOX in South Africa.


    • milla says:

      Your Xbox 360 will prompt you to download the patch once it’s available. You will need at least a Silver XBLive account in order to get it.

  21. Richie says:

    this game is great the best rugby game i have ever had. you guys should also include the kapa o pango haka for the all blacks to do that would be amazing. and how do you get the patch onto the ps3 version?

    • milla says:

      Kapa O Pango cannot be put to commercial use, so we are unable to obtain the rights to reproduce it.

      The PS3 will prompt you to download the patch when you next load the game while online after it’s released. If your PS3 is not connected to the internet you will need to do so in order to update.

  22. Mat says:

    tonga starting roster: 1. Alisona Taumalolo 2. Aleki Lutui 3. Soane Tonga’uiha 4. Joseph Tuineau 5. Paino Hehea 6. Sione Kalamafoni 7. Finau Maka 8. Samiu Vahafolau 9. Taniela Moa 10. Kurt Morath 11. Viliame Iongi 12. Siale Piutau 13. Alipate Fatafehi 14. Fetu’u Vainikolo 15. Vungakoto Lilo. yall had a lot of the names spelled wrong and some players in the wrong position. please get it this time. it just feels a lot more realistic. Thanks.

  23. Mitchell says:

    If we’ve got the game can we update these. and also how?

  24. Jaco Steenkamp AKA STORMER says:

    Good day SIDHE team,

    The following facts need to be introduced into the next patch and alot of people will agree with me.

    >When can we expect to get the official licensing for the RSA teams and players??
    >No.8 picking up the ball
    >Set moves
    >Defensive formations
    >Starting a Maul in the line out
    >Quick line out throws

    Well done for making a great rugby game, it just need some fine tuning to be perfect!!!

    • milla says:

      The owners of the South African licences did not choose to grant Tru Blu any licensing rights, despite their best efforts. They may or may not adjust their strategy should be be in a position to make a sequel, but for now the likenesses will not be available from us, I’m afraid.

      Not all the elements of rugby we wished to include could go in, due to resourcing and time constraints. I don’t foresee this changing for this title. We can only hope we get to make another Rugby Challenge title, in which case such inclusions will be considered again.

  25. Pat says:

    Will the career mode glitches be fixed on ps3 ie. all club players nationalities become eligible for your international side. And will you be able to have more then one career and competition at one time.

  26. Mat says:

    FYI. the wing for Samoa’s last name isn’t Lomu, it’s David “Lemi.”

  27. Mat says:

    why can’t the number 8 pick up the ball off the scrum?

  28. Mako says:

    FYI Mat, Sidhe could not use any real names from all the international teams apart from Aussie, NZ, USA and I believe Georgia as well. Good day.

  29. Andrew says:

    great game guys – one thing I would love to see is an option to pass direct to a flyhalf / kicker at anytime from a ruck – I’d imagine in the same way you currently do a cutout, except maybe one of the face buttons could always be your playmaker.

    Just sick of trying to clear my own try line and always hitting Brad Thorne with the pass! I love the big fella, but he’s not the best kicker in the world.

  30. TRENT says:

    Both shoulder buttons to get to playmaker @Andrew

  31. Jaco Steenkamp AKA STORMER says:

    Thank you for your feedback Milla.

    And once again great work Sidhe and Tru-blu team keep the titles coming!

  32. Francois says:

    I won the tri nations but the trophy was awarded to the second team on the log…wtf?

  33. Andrew says:

    @ Trent
    Aha! Thanks mate, not a game issue, an operator one, carry on!

    Is there anyway to change the default team on the loading screen / menu background?

    Kiwi living in Aus so have had to buy the game as ‘Wallabies’ Rugby Challenge – hurts my national pride to see Pocock and co beating the All Blacks in the background all the time.

  34. Mitchell says:

    So if we play online gaming now we’ll get the update or not quite

  35. David says:

    So the patch was due today – do we have any idea when it will be available?

  36. eazy says:

    can you please tell me how to find the patch v2.0 in playstation network…

    • Mick28 says:

      Its a patch so won’t be in Playstation Network. It should load up when you turn the game on (although it didn’t for me when I turned it on on Thursday morning).

      • milla says:

        Patches are released via the platform network associated with the console, i.e. PSN and XBL. You will need to log into the network concerned if you wish to download the patch.

  37. Dene says:

    hey , will this give the all blacks their new jerseys ?

  38. Rory says:

    It’s October the 7th and the patch still hasn’t come for me. How do we download the patch?

  39. Mambo770 says:

    No patch yet!!!
    1730 aust east standard time

  40. rhys says:

    hi is it possible to get back players you have deleted as i have deleted my favourite player by mistake

  41. Paul Vernall says:

    I thought this patch was suppose to fix the haka. It still has Gear leading it when it is suppose to be Weepu. Whats up? i feel like the only thing the patch did was add the sliders (which are great btw) and it changed some names that were to close to players real names.

  42. Jojobtz says:

    Please i m french, i ve got ps3 and how to download this patch?

    • milla says:

      If you buy Rugby Challenge in France the patch is on the disc. If you imported the game from the Southern Hemisphere then you will need to log into PSN and run the game to download it.

  43. Jae says:

    I love this game.

    Biggest Issues for me with the game are:

    1) No set plays – would love to have set plays!
    2) No defensive formations
    3) No option to have a driving maul from lineouts

    If these 3 issues were fixed/added, this would be awesome!

    Also I hear rumours that this may be a yearly franchise for you guys? I cant wait another 4-5 years for another Rugby Game so keep em coming. Great job so far!

    • milla says:

      We believe that the rugby gaming market can sustain a new game every two years or so. If Rugby Challenge enjoys the success we hope for we would look to work to that schedule.

  44. ELLIOT says:

    I am from the UK and have pre ordered the game. I have heard that you can edit international team kits and names. is this true? Can not wait for the game, glad someone has reborn the rugby gaming genre. Keep it up!

  45. ELLIOT says:

    Also people have said that the opponent team offload to much than is realistic, has this been addressed in the patch that will be included on my copy?

  46. pat says:

    Where can i find this patch? i don’t find the website?

    • milla says:

      If you bought your copy from the Southern Hemisphere then the next time you log your console onto the gaming network with the game you will be prompted to download and install it. If you bought it in Europe then the patch is included on the disc.

  47. DC115 says:

    Are the real international kits on the game, or will you have to edit them yourself. Is there an easier way than this?

    • milla says:

      International kits are real for licensed sides, such as the Wallabies, but not for those we have no rights to. Those are represented by our own designs, based on the national flag of the nation concerned.

  48. GEEZER 46 says:

    Do the “fake players” or non licensed players look the same as they do in real life?

  49. Agustin says:

    I bought the game on NZ, but I’m from Argentina. How can I download the patch?

    • milla says:

      The same way you would with a game bought in Argentina: via the games network associated with it, i.e. PSN, XBL, or Steam.

  50. GEEZER 46 says:

    Do the “fake players” or non licensed players look the same as they do in real life?

  51. Phillip says:

    the best thing that no rugby game has so far is a my player mode like the ones in fifa, madden and nba2k games. if a rugby game got this i think alot of people would by it.

  52. GEEZER 46 says:

    like in the England team. There are fake players with fake names, but what i’m asking is: does the fly half look like the current fly half for England

  53. Kearns says:

    So the patch is already embedded in the disc for the U.S.? Awesome! I just pre-ordered it and told all my friends online and more about this game to help you guys bring out another rugby game like this soon. Great work SIDHE!

  54. rob says:

    can you import players that play for the unlicensed international teams into the team while editing. e.g can you choose all the england players from their clubs and put them into the england team?

  55. fausto says:

    is there any diference in rugby challenge australia, all blacks, or jonah lomu.

  56. Kearns says:

    Wait.. No? The patch isn’t in the U.S. Disc already? Or were you talkin to Fausto?

    • milla says:

      The patch is included on the disc in all territories apart from NZ, Australia, and South Africa. Eventually stock in the Southern Hemisphere will also included it.

  57. Kearns says:


  58. H3fty says:

    I don’t know why you should have a XBL Silver account te get to the patch? That seems kinda dumb.. I’ll connect my XB360 to the Internet anyway – just in case the patch is available to XBL Free users… In South Africa the Silver and Gold Memberships costs quite a few bucks…

    • milla says:

      This is something you will need to take up with Microsoft. They dictate on which terms gaming and updates are conducted on their network. Xbox Live Silver (now known as Xbox Live Free) should be free.

  59. Dave says:

    When will the licencing issues be sorted out for the Rabodirect12 and TOP14?

    Or, is there any way to update the NH international teams (other than England) to real players without recreating all players one by one on a player editor and inserting them into their teams?

    At the moment, the 6 nations is seriously limited.

  60. fausto says:

    so that means that if i baught rugby challenge wallabies, i can play with someone that has the rugby challenge all blacks

  61. fausto says:

    thank you.

  62. fausto says:

    and jonah lomu is the same to all blacks and wallabies?

  63. A Rowe says:

    I feel cheated from this game, waited months and paid £50 for a game that the developers haven’t even bothered to find out that Wales play in a red home kit! Stop the ability to move players from the pro league so this game is useless for international rugby.

    A massive left down and this should have been announced before the uk public were lead to believe we were receiving the same functionality as the south hemisphere game.

    Unless and update is released, I will never play a game made by this developer again.

    I feel so left down, unbelievable.

  64. Darcy says:

    Will the pc version in NZ have the patch cause i’ve been waiting ages and i think it should just get the patch included in the disc. Thanks can’t wait to play RC. :-)

  65. AL says:

    Was just wondering why it doesnt tell you if you have had a man sent to the sin bin or sent off. I t doesnt seem to tell you, I think the commentators tell you, but they are so bad I turn them down. It would be nice if a symbol appeared by the scores so you know what was going on with sending off’s and players returning.
    Will there be a patch for this

    • milla says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m not aware of any current plans for another patch, and patching is not our decision, but I have noted your concern for consideration, should another patch be commissioned.

  66. fausto says:

    for next rugby challenge game, include, national teams and the argentina league URBA TOP 14, or belgrano athletic club.

  67. Mako says:

    @A ROWE,
    Wales are not licensed, therefore Sidhe cannot use real kits, player names, etc. Learn the facts before complaining, or better yet, don’t complain at all.

  68. TMAI says:

    Is it possible to get the Japan leagues in the next game? We have some good exports in that country.

    • milla says:

      I’m not sure, as we did not arrange licensing for Rugby Challenge. I would recommend contact Tru Blu/HES with licensing queries. They put in all the hard yards there. Check the contact link at the top of the page.

  69. Darcy says:

    Hey milla answer me!!!!!!!! :-(((((((((

    • milla says:

      Yes, all versions released this month are fully patched and up-to-date. Only the earlier releases in NZ, Australia, and South Africa need to be patched.

  70. DC115 says:

    In the next patch i think you should really look at the redicolous amount of turnovers, offloads and tackle breaks. even with the current sliders at the bottom, there still is a large amount of them. I cant seem to stop them scoring. is this being looked at or will we have to wait for rc 2?

  71. trucker21 says:

    will the teams be uptaded as some of the players in the teams in the rabo direct pro 12 are from last year

  72. GOLDING says:

    PLEASE FIX: Players always leave games when they are about to lose. Let that count as a loss for them. So f**king annoying.

  73. Will thomas says:

    Will there ever be an update to get the white collar on abs jersey?

  74. TXIKI says:

    Hi everybody!

    I’m spanish, and I’ve bought the game in France. Will my game also get updated automatically?

    Thanks guys, and congratulations for the game(it has things to improve, but it is a first step for a great rugby game)!!!

  75. DR3GOR says:

    i bought the pc version but still find some glith’s in the game can someone please direct me where to download these updates please (s.a version pc )

    • milla says:

      The PC version comes with the patches included. If you’d like to email my name at sidhe.co.nz with a dxdiag and a description of what is happening I’ll look into that for you. If you’re getting crashes then a dmp file would also be of use. Cheers :)

  76. DR3GOR says:


    my game version tells me that it is version 104184 and thats only if i am correct it shows at the top right corner in the game when the intro video is being played not really sure if i am correct i checked the disc no update on the disc
    there is not really crashes on the game except the fact that when i use alt + F4 to exit the game (lol not suppose to ) it crashes dont know where to locate the bmp file’s

  77. Oliver says:

    Great great game!

    Couple of suggestions: It seems that while the PS controlled players can tackle me in-goal, I cannot do the same to them! Every so often I get bundled dead while trying to score as the defending team bump me off. Would be great to fix this if possible as not very realistic – or at least even it up so i can do the same! Also would be good to just have option to drop playmaker into the “pocket” for kicks/drop goals – often don’t have enough time to aim effectively as he’s on the gain-line – best person for kicking with currently is whoever is acting scrum-half.

    Would also be good to clarify what factors mean you win/lose a ruck… Sometimes seems that although my players are there first and over the ball, with a superior back-row I’m still losing the ruck and vise-versa…

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  78. SharkFan says:

    Just looking for ways around some licensing restrictions..I can’t update domestic Aviva Premiership squads with players from the RaboPro12 or the Top14. Any advice on a way around this?
    Another problem is not being able to update France/Wales/Ireland squads etc as its not allowed to move players from the RaboPro12 or the Top14 even into their international teams..Again, any advice on a way around this would be much appreciated..

  79. A Rowe says:

    @MAKO pipe down?!

    If you had the intelligence to read my feedback properly…..the uk public were lead to believe that YES the international teams many did not have correct licence but this could be customised by moving the real players from their domestic leagues into the international squads using the customisation option……which the update prevents. That was the issue.

    Also seeing as we had to pay a 25% premium to purchase the game at £50, a lot of money to spend on one title for many families so if I want to complain and provide constructive criticism to the developers so they take this feedback on board for the next title I will do so….if you don’t like it and would just rather blow smoke up the developers a**** then rather than read feedback in a forum which encourages discussion about the game can I suggest you go and set up a Facebook fan page and only listen to only one point of view!

    Big respect to the sites moderators that posted my feedback because that shows to me they value feedback both positive and negative and that can only be a good thing for the development of this title.

    • Andy says:

      Alot of complaining about not being able to switch the licensed club players into unlicensed national teams… specifically Celtic league players into the Wales squad, i suggest you explore the editing feature that IS included in the game. No, Wales don’t play in a flag top, but if you look at the “custom strips” available like i did you MAY find a red shirt and white shorts combo ;). Also, if the player’s names seem wrong, have a go at editing them too. If you know the starting Welsh line up, entering the correct name for the correct position shouldn’t be a problem. Who knows… maybe their appearances and stats will pleasantly surprise you.

      I just made Justin Tipuric for my Ospreys, the Baa Baas and the Lions… and can i just say i think the developer’s consideration of the needs of so many fan’s of so many teams from so many nations is incredible. The complaining really is unfair.

  80. Mettz says:

    The patch 2.0 was meant to be out onn the 7th of October but i still do not have the update, can i be told why this is

    • milla says:

      It was out then. You’ll need to share more information before we can help you though. I suggest emailing support at sidhe.co.nz or Tru Blu’s support team with the details of your console and where you purchased the game.

  81. Mettz says:

    oh and also my game wont let me go online , it either says that the game that i tryed to join has become full if i try to join a quick match or it freezes the whole xbox if i try to join private match

  82. Kyle says:

    First of all… thoroughly enjoying the game… i downloaded project nova and changed the offload settings and it improved the game a lot. obviously one or two niggles that need improvement. I really hope you guys make a second game.

    possible improvements
    No 8 can pick up off a scrum
    Maul from a lineout
    Better transfers and career mode… maybe get player growth into it :)
    rsa licenses would be great…(im from sa and think saru were idiots)
    set plays

    All in all u guys blew the competition out of the water. Well done and looking forward to the next edition of the game:)

  83. Jim says:

    …. Installed the patch yesterday. Started a club career as Auckland played 3 matches. Went to play career today now my reserve flyhalf who was origonally in the team (Anscombe) has been replaced by J.Helleur who is in the team twice now. ?? WTF?

    The new changes seem to be rushed & not made by rugby union enthusiasts.
    I conceded a penalty goal then had a punt as the restart?

    But mainly, why did my flyhalf dissapear?

  84. Mettz says:

    well its an xbox 360 and me and my friends still dont have up patch 2.0 update , i emailed them and still do not have a reply …

  85. Mako says:

    @A Rowe,

    What part of the UK do you live in? I’m guessing somewhere in Wales? I live in London and was always aware of the licensing issues. I would think that because of the fact you’re even on this site that you would know about the problems, as it has been stated several times by Sidhe. Just saying.

  86. Chris says:

    Hi Milla, if the game was bought in UK, is the 2.0 patch is already installed? The sound has glitches as well (crackling) and is by no means my flatscreen speakers (works well with DVDs, other games and TV) – has their been a previous glitch about this?

    I still find the Ai to offload far too much, would the pacth include this or is tis in the settings section? When can we expect a new updated patch?


    • milla says:

      Yes. We have had one other person across all platforms and territories who has complained of sound issues. You can tweak offloading using the gameplay sliders under help and options in the menu. There are currently no plans for another update, though that is something that gets reviewed regularly.

  87. Mettz says:

    England , and honestly it hasnt come with the patch

  88. ryan singh says:

    hello i have bought the game from the website amazon in the uk and the problem im having is that it does not have the update on it so i dont know what to do i phoned ps3 support and they could not help me so how can i install it to the game need a walkthrough to help me i need help please

  89. Sharkfan says:

    Just looking for ways around some licensing restrictions..I can’t update domestic Aviva Premiership squads with players from the RaboPro12 or the Top14. Any advice on a way around this?
    Another problem is not being able to update France/Wales/Ireland squads etc as its not allowed to move players from the RaboPro12 or the Top14 even into their international teams..Again, any advice on a way around this would be much appreciated..

  90. Richie says:

    Good Work sidhe team,
    youve made possibly the best rugby game ive ever played. can you please try and make an update to get the official kits for teams like england, samoa, france, fiji etc. and be able to form a ruck or maul off a lineout and be able to let the no.8 pick the ball up off the back of the scrum

  91. Stranger says:

    Ntb. Really annoying that i can’t havemyflyhalf stand deep when i want to clear it. Rwc gives you that option
    Also, nearly every bloody time you tackle an opposition player, they off load it. Takes 10 – 15 attempts to bring a player down sometimes.
    I can’t seem to add my created player to my pro teams in career mode. Will this be fixed?

    • milla says:

      You can add your created player in his positions, but nowhere else. He will need to replace an existing player in that position.

      You can set offloading to your preference with the gameplay sliders under Help & Options.

  92. Stranger says:

    It’s not a bad game overall, I understand that there were budget constraints and a short time period. That on top of the fact that you didn’t really have any standard set, so you had to invest most of it. That’s cool. There are however a few too many issues. Some of the commentary is just weird, and has no bearing on what’s happening. I also found the kicking a little incomparably difficult. It’s way too hard!!

    One more thing, will there be a patch to allow an invented player to be in the international/super 15 sides? And will edits I make to players make there way onto players during career mode? The changes I make only seem to occur when I play a one off match…


  93. Andy says:

    Quick question about the PS3 trophy for completing 50 matches online. Am i right that it is for just finishing matches, not winning them? I got the other trophy for finishing 25, but when i passed 50 (a combination of wins, losses and draws) nothing happened. Could it be that some of my wins and losses are from when my opponent has quit the game, and so i havn’t yet played out a full 50? I havn’t checked if the “quitter” games are recorded on the leaderboard so i’m not sure lol.

    Just thought i’d mention it as i’m from Wales, so got one of your European games with the patch included :).

  94. This Games awesome but it would be more awesome if you could do quick throw in once the ball goes out and also it will be more better if you can call the mark when you catch the ball on the behind 22 meter..

  95. One more thing, will there be a patch to allow an invented player to be in the international/super 15 sides? And will edits I make to players make there way onto players during career mode? The changes I make only seem to occur when I play a one off match…


  96. Quinton says:


    Have the game for xbox360
    Why cant you win the tri nations with South Africa????? Win all games and at the end New Zealand or Oz still win the competition. whats up with that????


  97. LOLO says:

    Soy de Argentina, donde estan el parche???? como hago para actualizarlo en PS3?
    muchas gracias

  98. Jim says:

    I have a bug on lineouts.
    Sometimes the jumper will catch and pass and the ball will shoot about 10 meters past the scrum half and float as if being controlled by a jedi knight.
    THe ball will then snap back to the jumper (as though he had a high midiclorian content). Game then continues as normal.

    Also, I have a situation where players will run through each other like ghosts.

    You can’t tackle in the in goal area either. It’s almost like the player enters it’s try scoring animation and the defenders just ghost past them.

  99. Will says:

    When making breaks other team players don’t react and sprint to support, I find I have to not sprint in order for the winger to keep up. I’m sure others have pointed out, but a very simple alteration to running lines would significantly improve attack. Straighter lines or support players or options to set up simple moves when rucks are being contested would be great. Lastly, tackles involving more than one player. Presently if you add another player to a tackle it just starts a new tackle animation, if you could join second men to tackles this would be impressive. Great game though!

  100. iJemz says:

    Good call. i think the crunching tackle element is slightly lost in this game.
    Although the superman tackle from EA was a bit unrealistic, it was very satisfying getting a big hit in.

    Perhaps having more options in the camera would sort this out. It seems you only have far behind and then zoom into glory cam (which I really like because it re-creates the sense of how hard it is to know in reality who you have in support. Perhaps a way of hinting where your support is would be a good option here. Pulsating red highlight perhaps?)

    On the camera issue, it’s disappointing to not have more replay options.

  101. random says:

    how do i save rugby money ? every time i turn off the ps3 i have to start again earning enougth money to unlock teams and then repeating the process over again

  102. Jim says:

    I started a career and then updated my players and team names but they don’t appear like that in career mode.

    Do I need to start a new career mode?

    Also, the way the superXV results and tables are laid out makes it very hard to see if you are going to make it to the finals or not.
    A patch for this would be cool.

  103. Kaidan says:

    Hi Milla

    are the changed names going to be real or fake

  104. Conor says:

    Please will you update the jerseys and transfers for european teams and some real European stadiums please answere me milla

  105. Sohail Sabar says:

    What happens if I transfer club players into their unlicensed international teams before updating my game with the patch? Will the rosters be reset if I apply the patch after transferring players?

  106. Paul says:

    the game keeps freezing on xbox when i click on leaderboards please fix this

  107. Yiannz says:

    I’ve got the same question as sohail sabar

    I’ve transfered heaps of top 14 players and rabodirect players to their international teams… will they be reset??? cauz that would suck
    Also what player names will be changed??? thanks

  108. steve says:

    Hi, i found a few mistakes….

    the no.8 player can´t pick up the ball
    defending i can´t use mark
    the players can´t tackling on the in-goal

  109. Nacho says:

    Where is the link? thank you!

  110. chris says:

    Hi why is it when plying as scotland for example u can select the right players for the team but when u go to confirm this its says that u can not do transfers due to licensings laws? why have the option in the first place if you cant actually use it?

    will there be a update at somepoint to allow you to selct the correct players etc?

    • Chris says:

      After reading some of the above comments I see that u can transfer players between clubs and in to there correct national teams. However my game will not allow this could any one help me with this problem as I would like to make the correct teams and transfer players between seasons on career mode. Thanks

    • milla says:

      Not laws, licences. Some licences permit player movement.

  111. KingDong says:

    What about people who don’t game online?

    • milla says:

      Can you please tell me what you want to know about people who don’t game online?

      • Bateman says:

        Hi Milla

        I’ve been trying to add custom-made players to existing squads, and took advice I found online about only swapping out existing players with the same position as your custom players. Problem is, when I’m scrolling through all of these players, my custom players aren’t in there to pick! I’ve checked that they’re saved in the edited players area, which they are, but they still don’t appear on the player list when I try and add them to a squad. Been at this for about half an hour now and am stumped. Please help! (PS3)

        • milla says:

          Which competition is the player listed under? Use the left and right arrows to navigate laterally between competitions, to get access to players in the right position in each competition.

  112. shaveen says:

    please include number 8 break from the scrum….. thnaks

  113. basaia says:

    please include:
    n8 break from the scrum
    set plays
    dives tackles
    maul set up from line out
    international licences as well as RWC licence!

  114. Palila says:

    It’s a great game!
    There are some things that need to be added or adjusted, but I think most people have said most of the things I wanted to say.
    But I have a different one, it’s that when I’m defending and the attacking team is over the goal line, on my PS3 I keep pressing \x\ and \triangle\, but it still won’t let me make my player tackle the opposing team.
    Is this just me, or is this something that happens to everyone, that needs to be fixed, adjusted, or added to this game?

  115. Phillip says:

    I get so annoyed by that no tacking over your own goal line because the AI can tackle u. It could be added that the heavier/bigger players have a higher chance of holding up the try scorer if u could tackle them.

  116. George says:

    how do we get the new jerseys?

  117. Jonathan says:

    Will there be a new patch to improve the game play any time soon?

  118. brandon says:

    Please give me the site 2 go if I wanna downolad this patch!?….and does it cost money??

    • milla says:

      Update 2.0 is already installed if you have bought the game recently. Which platform did you buy it for, when, and from where?

  119. brandon says:

    playing career with south africa, firstly played once and the names changed. secondly win all tri nations matches but second place always gets it?? Why cant SA win the tri nations

  120. Jarrod Whetton says:

    I recently bought the game last week on Xbox 360 and noticed that my options didn’t have the gameplay sliders. I connected to live and it hasn’t prompted me for any update do indeed to install my game locally on my Xbox or something?

  121. Dave Morrell says:

    Is there a player update available for the game?

    My favourite team is the ospreys but it’s the 2010/11 squad whis is way out of date now. I thought for the price of this game there would be 6 monthly player/team updates.


    • milla says:

      We put a great deal of effort into the customisation tools, as we were aware there were not to be squad updates released. If you check out the Rugby Challenge forum at http://forums.sidhe.co.nz you will find that a number of gamers within our community have released the data files containing many updated sides though.

  122. Jonnygalvin says:

    i have rugby challenge on ps3 and no matter how hard i look for the patch i cannot find it how do you download the patch if you bought it in nz

    • milla says:

      If the console doesn’t prompt you to download it when it’s online and the game is inserted you already have it.

  123. Chris says:

    Is it possible to modify online teams? I want to give O’connor the boot and put Cooper in as kicker.. Also a few other player changes would be nice. I’ve changed my squad lineup but I can’t change it online, I’m assuming this can’t be customized for online play.

    playing it on ps3

  124. Littleman says:

    When will you have team updates. So old now and certain players are better than they actually are and vice versa

    • milla says:

      There are no plans for updated squads, which is why so much effort was put into the customisation tools. A number of gamers in our community forums have been updating rosters and sharing them themselves, however. http://forums.sidhe.co.nz

  125. Littleman says:

    Gotta say that pretty lame. You’d expect the developers to update this kind of stuff through the playing platforms – like all other sports games I have.

    I’m a developer myself so this is either a money making scheme to buy the next release, pure laziness or poor Db skills that won’t allow quick updates.

    Agree with the comment about transferred player being able to play against you as well – it’s just weird and makes no sense.

  126. Phillip says:

    itll be cool if you added a trade option during career mode (just not if ur playing international) so u could sell and buy players. there will just have to b a certain amount of money for all clubs.

  127. Moe Murrda says:

    Love the game. Best rugby game out there. I have plenty of concerns, but many of them have been addressed by other users, so I will bring up one serious issue I have with this game: I cannot save multiple careers.

    My brother and I live in the U.S. and were very excited when we got Rugby Challenge in the mail. We love playing against each other, but we’re not always in the same place at the same time, so occasionally one of us will play the CPU separately, but I can’t start a season without deleting the career my brother started. HOW WAS THIS ALLOWED TO HAPPEN?!?!?!?!

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