Rugby Challenge Trailer

Date: July 19th 2011
Posted By: Sidhe

The official trailer for Rugby Challenge.


  1. KarateCantona says:

    Please tell me this will be released in the USA

  2. Jvaka says:

    and USA Eagles made the game so most likely it would be released in the USA

  3. Lincoln says:

    Man too excited for this hope there is a good feel with the controls just had a rugby 06 comp with the boys! Notched up a few more wins Bring on Rugby CHallenge!

  4. clayton says:

    will have world cup mode with qualifyng or springbok and currie cup teams?

  5. Snail Boy says:

    To CLAYTON: No, there will not be world cup competiton. Read info at this page!

  6. Hydreliox says:

    Is the soundtrack an original creation ? Or can we find it anywhere ?

  7. Santiago says:

    I am very anxious, I can not wait to have the game in my hands, congratulations.

  8. florida says:

    will this be released in the states, or is there any way to have it shipped or something here???

  9. RUGGAMAD says:

    This game looks unreal… I think I might have to convert from the Rugby 06/08 titles to Rugby Challenge.

    Please bring the game out asap!!

    P.s. Really wish the Springbok licenses were obtained – there is a big following in SA! Looking forward to it anyway. Great job Sidhe

  10. Mike says:

    Have a question guys, with the Provincial Rugby, all the home Canterbury games are at Rugby park so will that be the same on the game? If so make sure our Scout Den it in the graphics (:->)
    Mike Malvern Scout Group
    Rugby Park

  11. tom says:

    rugby 2011 rwc honestly looks terrible bad graphics and gameplay but please just answer this do you have to tap A to run like in rugby league or is it more like 08 gameplay if it is like 08 im definantly buying

  12. @lex says:

    Yes Kaysta!!!!! For me there is no hesitation between rugby challenge and rugby world cup !!!

  13. manu says:

    when it’s been avaiable in europe(italy)? thanks

  14. jack johnson says:

    is there a release date yet?

  15. austin says:

    is tha Waikato Stadium in this?

  16. Joe says:

    R2,RTis the sprint button a,y,b,x or x,o,triangle ,square are kick buttons

  17. FARIS says:


  18. diarmuid says:

    are ireland in the game or england france or any of them

  19. Reilly Anderson says:

    Hey i was wondering if u can create your own team and if so which comp will they be in

  20. muzi says:

    so what about springboks? I’ve been waiting for a good Rugby game for years, nothing beats the old Johan Lomu game. Lots of gamers out here is South Africa man, i hope springboks are represented well…

  21. Lil Nonu says:

    FUck just PainTED my Walls WHite (if you know WHAT I meaN

  22. Neil SA says:

    I would just like to congratulate Sidhe on a job well done,have not played the game yet, it is only being released here (South Africa) on friday 09/09/2011 but I have checked out all the reviews and trailers on the web for rugby challenge and it looks amazing something that we as rugby players and fans alike have been hungering for. I would just like to mention I bought that other rugby game “if you all know what im talking about” and what a disgrace I wont elaborate any further I think they know they failed and if not it was their intention.I hope they learn something from the creators of rugby challenge. But even if they do I will NEVER support them in anything they work on again!

    Anyway Cant Wait for friday World Cup is starting and Getting my Rugby Challenge.

    Thanks Sidhe will Support Always!

  23. Oscar says:

    Are all the players names’ normal or are they wrongly spelt because they are unlicenced?
    Are the strips (jerseys) look normal for the unlincesed teams.

  24. Oscar says:

    Are the some of the players’ names stuffed up because the team they play for is unlicenced?. Are the jerseys normal for the unlicenced teams?

  25. Rugby Live says:

    World Cup Starting today, I’m so excited !!!!

  26. Troy says:

    When is it coming out in Canada?

  27. Californian says:

    I bought one about 3 weeks ago online from NZ…..and was eager to play….and here are my complaints…..(dont get me wrong RC is still the best rugby game ever made….)

    - All Blacks and the Wallabies would just offload like its nobody’s business….lol….and including some offloads from midfield to a streaking wing down near the touchline while the offloader is being partially held by a tackler….( I just find it a bit EA-ish)

    - not allowing fast flowing rugby as far as pick and go from the ruck……the opposition would almost always have time to set up their defense before the attacking team is allowed to pick and go or pass…..

    - Player ratings…..only 1 or 2 props in the world are rated 80 or higher…seriously.???

    had some other things to say but i think the new patch will fix it so yep… are awesome…..the environment and realistic atmosphere of the pitch and all is second to none…….thank you team RC ……

  28. Dan says:

    When will it be released in Asia?

  29. titi says:

    it’s look like wonderful , but why doesn’t he release on mac os x ?????
    it will be perfect …

  30. Mark Coomey says:

    Looks amazing I got RWC game this looks a lot better can’t wait to get it.

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