Jonah Lomu Returns

Date: December 6th 2010
Posted By: Sidhe
All Blacks Legend Jonah Lomu
All Blacks Rugby legend lends name, likeness, and expertise to videogame

SYDNEY, Australia – December 6, 2010 – Home Entertainment Suppliers Pty Ltd (HES) announced today that rugby legend Jonah Lomu will appear in the Rugby Challenge console and PC game.  The appearance will mark the first time Lomu has appeared in a videogame in over a decade.

“HES is pulling out all the stops to make Rugby Challenge an exciting and memorable experience” said David Robles, Business Development Manager for HES. “Jonah is one of rugby’s greats, and will bring an extra something special to the game”.

In addition to including his name, likeness, and motion in the game, Lomu will also bring his experience and expertise into the development process by working directly with Sidhe, the Wellington based studio behind the game.

“I’m a big fan of videogames and being involved in making Rugby Challenge is a great experience,” said Jonah Lomu.

Rugby Challenge will release for consoles and PC in Q3 2011.


  1. Alex says:

    Awesome idea including Jonah Lomu! How will he be used? On a legends team? Or just as an unlockable?

  2. Conor (again) says:

    Jonah Lomu was a ledgend no doubts about it and i am glad he is working towards the game

  3. milla says:

    Hi Alex. At the very least you’ll be able to add him to any team, but we haven’t made any announcements about classic/legend teams just yet.

  4. Japes says:

    Oh man, this has now kicked off Rugby 2012 as my #1 game to get next year. Great move Sidhe! I’m sure Lomu will be a great asset in helping make this the best rugby game ever! I can’t wait to see some screenshots…

  5. Maori_Dude says:

    That is awesome as news team! Jonahs Back! Its pretty thrillling to have the big bulldozing winger amongst the roster , you fullas got me a couple more notches past excited and looks like we’ll get to see Lomu back in his ABs number 11 jersey afterall (in the game anyways)…fully loved Jonah Lomu Rugby, but yeah hoping there are more legends to come or create-a-player is loaded with extensive customisation options (like yous say)…or maybe bringing back Buck? Aaaaawesome!!! You guys and gals are too much!!!

  6. Conor says:

    When are you aiming to get this game out?

  7. Dujon says:

    It would be really awesome if you guys were ever able to add other legends like Christian Cullen, Jeff Wilson, or even Martin Johnson as well!!!

  8. Dave Palmy says:

    Hey, that is awesome news.
    Really fine tune player tendencies, especially with side stepping, kicking and goal kicking. Some stand outs are Quade Cooper, goose step and superman goal kicking style, Wilko with his golf stance, Rocketman with his spin (back in his hey dey anyway). Really excited guys, keep up the great work!

  9. Harry says:

    If its as like a seperate team it will be all good. However if he’ll be in a regular team and as such be in regular tournament or franchise mode i think it will become too arcadey… stick to whats real i reckon, Jonah has been, he was great, but Jonah has also now gone… If he’s in a classic team that you can play with as exhibition then awesome, if hes just part of the general roster and as such be in the tournaments and franchise mode i dont think its such a good thing.

  10. JW83 says:

    french team championship are present ?

  11. JW83 says:

    need some news !!!

  12. yafeka says:

    when is the next update so looking forward to this

  13. Mark rand says:

    Any idea when this game will be released and will it be available in South Africa to purchase …

    thanks for bringing the game to PS3 !!!

  14. starkadder says:

    Hi there, would dispute the claim that Lomu hasn’t featured in a video game in over a decade! Pretty sure I remember him playing for Cardiff back in EA’s Rugby 05!

  15. Dylan says:

    Hey will there be an classic legends team?

  16. Dylan says:

    Will there be a classic legends team?

  17. Mark says:

    I still play Jonah Lomu Rugby, but Christian Cullen was my favorite player… hope he’s in it

  18. JLRUGBY says:

    they should just re-release JL rugby with the rwc2011 & new rosters
    just keep the same oldschool gameplay/short n sweet commentary!

  19. Pete Callander says:

    Wow!!! This should be awesome!!! Im so tired of seeing amazing graphics and game play pumped out every month on a new shooter game.. or fantasy (world of warcraft/cod etc etc) about time some money was spent on a rugby game. I also agree with the guy above. Jonah Lomu Rugby was the greatest sport game ever made because it was fast paced and easy to play, while still having some exciting moves like skip passes etc.

    If they released Jonah Lomu rugby 2, on ps3 it would sell more copies then any rugby/rugby league game ever sold!

    last thing is i hope like hell they include the Super 15!!! will be an awesome addition for career mode or even online mode!!!


  20. Kiwi_In_Oz says:

    Just wanna say that I’m glad a new rugby game is coming out. Hopefully u guys can top EA’s 08 Rugby on PS2 because I absolutely loved that style of game. Please make it similar. Also the addition of the ITM Cup sounds excellent. Northland hard.

  21. Ronan Finnegan says:

    What game modes are available?
    Will ‘Be A Pro’ be an option, like in currect American Football and Soccer games; I think it would make the game better than any other previous sports game?!
    Can we create players?
    Will online matches and tournaments be available?

  22. jamie oconnell says:

    will there be a magners league and aviva premiership

  23. Harrison says:

    A legends team would be awesome. bring back a few more greats, even from different countries, like Lawrence Dallaglio, John Eales, Hugo Porter, Tim Horan, Francois Pienaar, Grant Fox etc. should also have the greatest team of the century for each team (international, and super rugby). the photos look so promising though, keep up the good work!!

  24. James Robinson says:

    Hey I can’t wait for Rugby Challenege!
    It will be great to have Jonah Lomu and hopefully a bunch of other legends like Christian Cullen and John Kirwan etc.
    I think you and us could benefit….. DLC and lots of it :D it would be cool to have a World XV and Classic XV a bit like the FIFA games have. But also include alternative strips and balls and plenty of players to download and it would be great if you could have an option to update all the teams etc. Will you be able to make your own team? That’d be cool for another game mode, perhaps have a team rating that is made by all the players’ overall ratings (that way people can’t over power there teams if you were playing online).
    I know you guys didn’t make it, but it would be good to have similar controls to Rugby ’08. I can’t wait to play online and win the RWC with the All Blacks!! :L

  25. Luke Easton says:

    They should add a classics feature, imagine abs 2011 vs abs 87? or wallabies of 99 vs wallabies of 91? The screenshots look really detailed and realistic, especially the crowd.

  26. GoTheAllBlacks says:

    Yeah im with James. Hopefully its not like those Rugby League games where the time slows down for kicks. If they did similar gameplay, but more advanced like a better step, add in the goose step, (easier way to dummy), star players have their kicking styles like quade cooper (superman), james o’connor (robot) and dan carter.
    Really looking forward to this game.. it looks awesome.

  27. Josh says:

    when does the game actually come out, it says quarter 3 but I dont understand what that means

    • milla says:

      That means the third quarter of the year, which is between June and September. We have not fixed a release date yet, but it will be out in time for the Rugby World Cup.

  28. Josh says:

    could you pick this game up in canada?

  29. danie says:

    hi what tournaments is going to be in the game?

  30. amo says:

    i love jonah lomu… cant wait to see how he steps? itl be mean if he pulls out the good old run over people…. :) cool to know

  31. jason day says:

    bringing lomu back is a great move even coming from a uk player still remeber him smashing us apart on his own lol cant wait for this game still gonna buy world cup 2011 but this is deffo at the top of my list

  32. Feta says:

    Hi , Will Julian Savea and Ma’a Nonu going to be the video game ?

  33. Morne says:

    I just want to find out if Rugby challenge will come to South Africa, and when. It sounds great.

  34. matthew says:

    can you get the british & Irish lions in the game?

  35. danielJ says:

    Are you guys gonna put Naas Botha in the game?

  36. disco4486 says:

    Any news on distribution hoping for the UK!

    • milla says:

      We confirmed some time ago that Rugby Challenge would be distributed in the UK. Check with your favourite games retailers.

  37. Ahmed says:

    Will Rugby Challenge be released in the USA? If not, many Americans will be very disapointed! :(

  38. you save when rugby challenge exit in france ?

  39. Juju says:

    Awesome – Looking forward to the release which looks like RWC time. The visuals look so much better than the other rugby and league games. Just hoping the gameplay is on par with the Soccer games now available.

    Chur Chur

  40. Ben says:

    i’ve seen the creation trailer and it looks amazing – so much better than on fifa or any other sports game, exactly what i wanted. can we edit players that are already on the game or can we just make new players? and teams?
    can’t wait for this… please please put loads of effort into the stats as in ea rugby 08 they had all sorts of mistakes like lewis moody and dan ward smith were fly halves. i’d gladly volunteer myself to help making the stats accurate if it means a great game. cheers

  41. Madder says:

    Is rugby challenge going to be released in the UK? If not will it work on a PS3 bought in the UK if I order it?

  42. Manu says:

    Will we be able to buy this game in Argentina? Thank you

  43. harry says:

    Will gareth anscombe be in the auckland itm cup team? and will there be a junior allblacks team and/or series and will gareth be in that?

  44. Darren says:

    this game looks ssssssssssiiiiiiiiccccccckkkkkkkkkk!!!!
    but to many missed tackles in the gameplay vid

  45. Mingz says:

    Are we going to able to update teams with what ever player e.g Samoan players that are playing for NZ being able to play for the Manu or vice versa?

  46. Ricardo says:

    Will this game be available in Canada?

  47. Rich_Bourne says:

    This game looks good! It will be interesting to see how it compares to the Rugby World Cup Game that’s due to be release soon. Might have to buy both!

  48. Josh says:

    will you be releasing a game into canada for ps3 as well, on september 20th?

  49. David Callister says:

    Does this game include the old comentary quotes from the old lumu game such as ‘its like cattle trucks at a shunting yard’ an ‘that tackle will put him in ward 4, i hope not bill cos thats the maternity ward’ an other alike.

  50. harry T says:

    hi i was wondering you say jonah lumo is coming bk but what about other top players like jason robinson francios pienaar martin johnson paul o conell if you have time please anwser

  51. patrick says:

    just wanted know when in the world is this game coming out i was told september but it still not out hear in uk

  52. jacques says:

    why cant i use a usb remote on this game?

    • milla says:

      Rugby Challenge supports the Xbox 360 controller and standard, generic controllers.

      • jacques says:

        thanx milla but how do i activate it there are no settings option at controls?please help i am deployed to afghanistan so that is my joy over here, i am using steam….

        • milla says:

          I would recommend checking our community forums, linked from the top of this page. Users have found a few third party applications that allow other gamepads to emulate Xbox 360 controllers.

  53. Branden says:

    When is it coming out in canada, is there a way i get buy it online so it works on my xbox?

    • milla says:

      It’s already out. Check the Buy page on this site for resellers in Canada. You don’t need to do anything special to get it to work.

  54. Mark says:

    Is the Argentinian team okay?

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